What is Website Hosting?

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Website hosting is a place to store all website files and to keep your website up and running. Your website needs the right place to be maintained and kept up. 

Think of website hosting as a team of astronauts and engineers in the command room, behind the scenes making sure that the launch pad is held together and functioning properly for the rocket to launch into space.

Your website ultimately needs website hosting in order to even function, but we don’t just use any type of website hosting. 

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BizcaBOOM is The Solution for Your Website

After trial and error and continuous testing (like the engineers in NASA), we have come up with the best solution in keeping your website up. 

We use a Google Cloud based hosting platform that is fast and can handle large amounts of data without slowing your website down, which seems to be a common problem with many website companies.

Many websites end up slowing down drastically due to the increasing amount of pages that are added in, thus leading to people eventually clicking out of your website if it takes longer to load. 

You can waste LOTS of marketing dollars by simply not having the right company to maintain your website.

At BizcaBOOM, we’ve got your back. We have World-Class hosting for your website. In the future, if you decide to do more marketing and blogging, your website will stay intact and running fast!

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Backed By Powerful Hosting

Fast Website Hosting that will make your website load fast and improve the user experience

Up to 25,000 Visitors a month on Website

10 GB of Storage

WordPress Plugin Updates and Functionality Maintenance

Security for Website (We Keep Your Website Safe)

Daily Backups (Your Website Will Won’t Crash)

SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate Included: an SSL certificate is the padlock next to the URL of the website and is necessary to rank high on Google and keep your users safe from malware.

Website Maintenance Packages:

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Powerful Hosting for Your Website.


Powerful Hosting for Your Website. Free for 2 Months when you pre-pay for the Full Year.

Terms of Service
  • BizcaBOOM is not responsible for changes made to the website by others.
  • [BUSINESS NAME] is liable for extra costs if they decide to make changes to the website on their own. Costs to repair damage starts at an hourly rate of $150.00 per hour and may go up from there.
  • This agreement does not include changes to the website design or structure. Requests to make changes to the website design will come at an additional cost.