Best Ways to List Different Services on Your Website

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When you’re redesigning your website and deciding what services to display on your homepage, sometimes you can’t help but wonder, what’s the best way to list different services on your website?

This is a common question in the web design community and is frequently brought up during the web design process. We know it can be hard to figure out how to layout your different services in a way that’s not too crowded or too plain.

In this article, I’ll go into detail on the best ways to list different services on your website, even if you several different services:

What are Your Main Services?

Before we dive into showing you how to layout your different services, first you must know what your main services are. Have these questions in mind before laying out your services:

  • Do your services complement each other? In other words, are they relatively in the same field of expertise?
  • Do your main services align with your brand and company image?
  • Which services help you to make to most profit?

For example, if you are an auto body shop, your main services could be auto body repair and engine/transmission repair. Or if you’re a painter then exterior and interior painting could be your main services.

Not all companies are the same, even if they are in the same area of expertise. It all depends on your business model and brand. For example, you can list a low ticket service as one of your main services, and build a larger customer base to which your can sell more services, which can also lead to more sales in the long run like a dentist. 

First, you go in to get your teeth cleaned (low-ticket), then after a few visits at the office, eventually you might get an implant (high-ticket).

If you have many services, a good rule of thumb is to not jampack all of your services as readers could be confused as to what you specialize in. Make sure to list your primary services first, before showing your other services.

BizcaBOOM homepage with web design as main service

As you can see from our website, our main service is web design, so in our case, we would list web design above our other services.

Web Design Tip of the Day:

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Determining which services to put on your homepage can be challenging if you offer a lot of services or just don’t specialize in one single service, which is definitely O.K., you don’t have to specialize in just 1-2 services for your website to be successful in bringing you more leads.

For web design and SEO purposes, it’s best to describe on your website what you specialize in then your other services can complement your top 1-2 services. 

For example, if you serve spaghetti, pizza, lasagna, and ravioli, you need to describe on your website what your primary food option is (Fresh Italian Lasagna) so that readers can fully understand what kind of food you primarily make and then you can add in the complementary food items alongside the primary food item (spaghetti, pizza, and ravioli). 

How to Get More Conversions with the Right Layout

What’s even more important than choosing the right services to display and place on your website is the STRATEGY.

Website Design & Development on Macbook

What is the message you want to communicate?

If you’re a photographer, your message should be geared around “professional & quality photos” or somewhere in between those lines. Communicate your message with the right colors, visuals, photos, and even videos to help visitors better understand what you do.

Simple is Better

The most effective websites are simple, they are not jampacked and hard to read like this website:

outdated website and jampacked website

Have a clear message and design the website as simple as possible while at the same time including content that is sales driven and SEO friendly so that your website can rank in the search engines.

Have a structured layout that provides a great user experience. You can start off the website experience with a photo or video to improve the experience:

air conditioning website transparent

As professional website designers in The Woodlands, we highly recommend separating each service into its own area on the webpage so that it will be easier to understand and even make a page on each service you provide.

Make Each Service Easily Readable

If you have many services, it’s better to list them in a small bullet point on the home page and explain more about each service on a separate page. Each service that you decide to list on your homepage should be easily readable and should only take a few seconds to read. Once it’s starting taking a few minutes to understand what you do, you can lose a lot of ready-to-buy traffic.

Keep it simple, scannable, and even fun to be on, including photos, videos, tutorials, FAQ’s, etc. to make the website enjoyable to stay on (this will also help you to rank higher on Google as well!).

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