Strategic Web Design: 4 Steps to Having a Successful Website Design

strategic web design

Designing a website is a skill that not only involves being a little bit artistic, but requires a great amount of technical expertise and user experience based design.

An effective web design should turn visitors into customers, but in order to achieve this, you must develop a strategy behind the website design before you start building anything.

It’s like building a house, you don’t want to build a house without any blueprints or else the house will just fall apart! This same analogy applies to web design. Let’s dive in and learn the 4 steps to having a successful website design: 

What is Strategized Website Design?

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A strategized website design takes the goals of your company, for example if you’re company is looking to dominate the fitness industry, then you must design the website in a way that expresses your industry-changing products/services.

It’s not all about having a nice looking website that works, but a strategized website design is a website that will help your business achieve it’s goals.

1) What Are the Goals of The Website?

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Before starting the website design project, your business needs to be clear on what the goals actually are. Here’s a good example:

“I want a 50% increase in customer calls by the next 3 months and I want to expand operations into Houston, Texas.”

Now that’s a great goal, now not only is it clear but there’s even a clear direction on where the company is headed to, of course this is only an example, but it’s important to have these type of goals so that you can design your website properly to achieve past these goals.

After that now you must define the goal of the entire website.

Is the website needed to generate more leads? Is the website needed to showcase project photos? Is the website needed to help customers buy certain products/services?

Takes a look at Apple’s website homepage with an effective website design that works

The primary goal of this website is to sell the new iPhone 12 Pro.

2) Who is Your Target Audience?

Designing a website is part of digital marketing, therefore the design of the website can’t be general or made for everyone, it must be designed to fit your target audience. For example if your company sells casual shoe, then you wouldn’t want to build your website to look like it’s an athletic website.

Let’s look at Nike’s website: website homepage

As you can see, Nike’s website design is geared toward targeting athletes.

3) How Do You Want Your Business to Be Portrayed?

Once you have figured out the goals of the website and the target audience, now you have to know how you portray your brand.

What makes your business different that the competition?

Here is a list of things you should have listed down:

  1. The company’s mission
  2. It’s position in the marketplace
  3. What promise can your brand make to the target audience?
  4. What are the core values of the company?
  5. What value does your business offer that the competition doesn’t?

After answering these statements/questions, you will then have the necessary information to proceed to step #4.

4) Optimize the Website for Search Engines (after web design)

After you have completed the design of the website, it’s now time to optimize it to show up in search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo!.

basic seo and improving rankings on Google

Optimizing your website does not mean it will automatically rank at the top of the search engines, because there are many factors that come into play when trying to rank on the first page of Google such as Domain Authority, relevance, and prominence.

While it is possible to rank on Google by optimizing your website, you shouldn’t miss out on doing this if your website is brand new or has a low domain authority. 

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