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Building a New Website

There are several considerations to keep in mind when deciding what to do when deciding to get a website for your company, should you go with a website template or a custom website design? There really is no correct solution, it largely depends on what your goals are for your company.

There are things you may need to understand about the advantages and disadvantages of both template websites and custom websites, which is why today you’re going to know the key differences between the two. 

Let’s dive in:

Key Differences Between Template Websites and Custom Websites

Custom Built Websites

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Advantages of Custom Websites

Custom-building a website for your business can involve a team that stands beside you in your business. It begins with understanding your business, knowing what functions are necessary and how to reach the demographic that you are targeting. The designer will then create a website that has just the right look and feel that you are trying to get out to future website visitors. 

The web designer will make sure all functions are working correctly, and that the look matches the concept and branding of your business. 

One Key difference that custom websites offer is the SEO benefits, which is essential for the success of any website. 

A developer can keep adding things for Google and other search engines to read each page of your site for optimization. Custom-built sites will get a naturally better ranking because they give more relevance to the searcher. Search Engines have rules that must be followed strictly for a site to be ranked by SEO. The web designer can program this into the structure as it is being created. 

They can also maintain it as the rules and structures change. Keyword research is only a small part of the consideration. Everything on the site is being built and created just for your business, therefore, it will take longer to get your site going. This In the end will save time on the back end because, when it’s created just for your business it’s easier to customize. 

This will also ensure that you can put your site out across all platforms and devices and it will look and work as you want. This is just one advantage to custom-built websites. To make your site stand out and get an edge in a competitive web world your site needs to be different. That is what a designer will bring to the table for you. 

If your wish is for higher search engine ratings, then this is where a designer can help. Things can be done during creation that will optimize how you are getting rated. Content Management Systems (CMS) such as WordPress helps a business update their site from anywhere. 

The site developer can program CMS into your site during the building phase. This will make it easier to keep your site growing and changing as needed. If you change your business branding you can update the site easily.

  • A website that is built based on the complexity and unique needs of your business.
  • Your company needs are serviced in a way no other site is, it is completely your look.
  • All browsers are checked for functionality along with the use of differing devices.
  • Search engine friendliness will be built in.

Disadvantages of Custom Websites

With all of the major benefits of having a custom website, there is a downside which is the upfront cost. The web designers will have to put a lot of time and effort into building your website exactly as you need it to be. 

This will ensure that your custom website is unique to your business. Although the cost of a custom website can range from $3000 all the up to $20,000+, the long term benefits of custom websites is that they are going to pay you back so much more. 

Another disadvantage of custom websites that makes it less appealing than template websites is that there are time prohibitive and complex designs that go into building a custom-built website, it is highly likely that you may have some delays. It is a given that it will not get off the ground as fast as a template website. However, it will not look like a template website either. The final finish will be completely unique, making your brand stand out from the competition.

  • A website that is customized for your business will cost more.
  • It will take considerably longer to create a custom-built website.
  • The time constraints of getting your business on the web are a reason that this might be prohibitive to your business. As there are always upgrades being made and so your website will have to be constantly upgraded as well.
  • The designer can incorporate programs and features that will help the site grow with your business.
  • The developer will be able to help you with support down the road.

Template Websites

website template from GoDaddy
Image from GoDaddy

Advantages of Templatized Websites

The difference of costs between template websites as opposed to custom websites are what make templates more appealing when building or redesigning your website. Templatized websites, or a website that is “Done for You”, have on-hand website templates that are available for you to purchase, some costing only $99. However, not all themes or templates are 100% responsive. There are platforms such as Wix or Squarespace that have themes allowing you to edit the frame within the website. 

This can easily and quickly get a site up and running. However, these options have limitations with more complex features, such as e-commerce functions and some forms. To be customizable templates and themes have features built-in that will slow download time and weaken SEO. 

You have certain rules to follow when building for SEO, some themes are not able to follow these rules. This makes it harder to make them what you are really looking for in the end. They will probably have features, functions, and design flaws that will not match your business. 

You could possibly fix it if you hired a web designer, but that’s asking a lot because most likely the code format will be different. You could run into a display or function issue. 

These can be due to former customizations by their designer. Website templates, take a shorter time to develop. Cost is much cheaper, this makes them more desirable. HTML, coding and CSS are not needed when using templates to build a website. 

  • Templates are great for a cost-saving start-up.
  • Templates development time is shorter.
  • Template sites will most often not have a support system.

Disadvantages of Template Websites

There are many disadvantages to using a template built website, only a few of which are:

  • Your website will not stand out as different from others using the same templates.
  • Customization is limited. You pretty much get what you see.
  • 100% working on all devices is sketchy at best
  • Some templates can not be used with SEO this hinders your business.
  • Templates have a structured system and some installs of technology can not be added.

Chances are high that your site will not stand out from others as these temples are frequently used, this could cause you to be swallowed up in cyberspace keeping your site at the bottom for searches. 

Browser compatibility has been a problem for some templates. It can also be very difficult to add images, text, and videos to these templates. Going with a template website isn’t a great idea if you’re thinking about adding more content to your website in the future.

Who Is a Custom Web Design For?

This option is for someone that is looking to stand out and appear unique, while having a website design that attracts the right customers. If you want some support with upgrades and to keep things working at top-notch all the time. It is for those willing to put in the time, and want the flexibility to make changes and upgrade. 

Custom websites are for those wanting to rank high on search engines wants their brand to stand out above all. Another factor in ranking on Google is the User Experience according to

Who Needs A Template Designed Website?

This is for someone that is in a hurry to get their site up. It is also a good way to go if you are strapped financially, You can literally get a site up FREE. It is great for someone that wants to create their own website but doesn’t know coding to do so. 

This option will get you up and running while you are figuring out just what it is you need from a website. It gives you time to learn what your demographics are, (example:) you can learn what age range you want to target. 

Certain things will help a designer know exactly how to build a site for you. You can always get a custom-built website once you know what it is you really require from a website.


A website can be an extremely powerful tool for your business when done correctly. However, a poorly executed website will work against your business getting off the ground as rapidly. 

The bottom line is that you should choose your developer carefully, no matter what type of site you get — and for many businesses, custom-built sites are better investments today for down the road they can grow with you. Also, the designer can fix anything that isn’t working right after a hosting upgrade. It all falls to you. 

Is cost a really big factor? Is it important to get seen by the most people possible? Do you want someone there that can keep things running smooth? Does time matter to your getting started Do you want to be unique or just one of the crowd?

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