How Often Should I Redesign My Website?

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After looking closely and still not sure if your firm is ready to redesign the website, here are some tips to decide when the time is right. 

We have talked about the process of updating your website, and although there is no fixed date when web design should be updated, many reputable sources believe that a company should do this every two or three years. 

Now that we have established that there are no specific guidelines for how often you should update your websites, let me help you get a better understanding of how to figure out when you need to update them.

You Should Redesign Your Website Every 3 Years

Why should I redesign my website every 3 years? There are a few reasons why every 3 years you should redesign your website such as: 

  1. If the conversion rates on your website are very high
  2. Some parts of the website does not function at all
  3. To provide a better user experience
  4. Design trends change and what was very nice 3 years ago, may not be 3 years later.
  5. Company goals change (instead of selling low ticket items, 3 years later you may want to sell higher ticket items, therefore a website redesign is probably best.)

Your Website Needs to Be Fully Functional

If you are unable to make fundamental updates to your website, then it is time to consider redesigning the website. If you update your website, upload content frequently, update design every 6-12 months, and completely redesign every 2-3 years, the website will last for several years without the need for an update. 

However, if you already had a ton of content on your old website, a redesign is a good time for you to do the full content review. After an average redesign of your website with a completely new design of 2 to 3 years, you can update it with new and fresh content.

If your site has outdated features like a visitor counter or needs a new one for your blog, then it’s time to think about revising it. If your website has lost its usability or is not displayed correctly, the time for a redesign is high. 

However, if the page is only visible on part of the screen or from a smartphone or tablet, there is no time to redesign it, and if it is not mobile accessible, it is time for a new design.

A Full Redesign May Be Necessary

redesigning a website

Unfortunately, regular website updates are not always enough to ensure the performance of your website, and sometimes a new website requires a complete overhaul of the entire website, not just the design.

For this reason, you should update your website every couple of months, but after 2 to 3 years, minor updates aren’t going to get you enough results. 

Before you make decisions about what steps to take to redesign your website, you must first seriously consider why you either need to redesign it or want to redesign it. For example, is your website not getting as much conversions as it did 3 years ago? If this is the case for you, then a website redesign is the solution.

Do I Need to Redesign My Website?

This is perhaps the most fundamental question to ask when thinking about whether or not it is time to redesign the website. Although there is no definitive answer, here are some things to think about before redesigning your website:

Your Website Isn't Mobile Responsive

About 52 percent of all traffic is from mobile devices and that number is increasing at a rapid pace. Even Google with it’s new Google Mobile-First Indexing update in September 2020, having a website design that is not mobile responsive can severely damage your business and digital marketing success.

Your Website Looks Outdated

User experience (UX design) is everything, especially if you’re trying to get more online sales. If you’re website looks a little bit like the picture below, it’s probably time to redesign your website:

Your User Experience is Deteriorating

Similar to outdated websites (which have very high bounce rates and low conversion rates), not all new websites have a great user experience. It takes a professional website company or designer to make you a website that not only look good, but produces results as well. 

If users are not converting (even with a new website), there may be some layout or design issues that are preventing users from taking action.

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