How to Double Your Sales with These PROVEN Digital Marketing Strategies

how to double sales with digital marketing

With the evolution of the internet and technology, people are getting more and more oriented to the internet. To effectively double your sales with digital marketing we’ve made a guide just for you on how to double your sales using PROVEN digital marketing strategies that we and several other highly successful companies have implemented. 

This new internet era that has been sparked by COVID-19 has had an immense impact on businesses, especially on their marketing strategies. Nowadays, digital marketing has become an integral part of almost all businesses, be it is small or medium, or large. 

There is no denying that every business and salesperson wants to increase or double their sales. 

But how can you do that? If you are looking for some of the best ways to boost sales, then you must have already came across some tactics used from different marketing gurus. 

Most of these claims either promise that your business sales will be doubled by some tactic or hack or by some loopholes of the social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. 

Most of these are not at all helpful for the businesses. They aren’t sustainable and aren’t good for the long term of your business.

However, doubling your sales is possible and it can be quite easy only if you are looking at the main problem in the right way. 

Every marketing strategy comes with a certain formula that can work best for your company, and that starts with these proven digital marketing strategies or what we call, fundamentals of digital marketing:

How to Double Your Sales Using These Digital Marketing Strategies:

Doubling Your Sales Starts with Calculating

Here is simple math that can prove it. Break down the marketing in 3 different parts and assume that in your market there are a total of 1000 people. 

These 1000 people are those who either visit your site or are the ones targeted through direct mail or an advertisement. Here is an example of what you may be at right now with your sales and marketing process: 

Total Traffic = 10,000

Step #1: Lead generation – getting the hand raise and you will receive 10% of the total which is 100 leads. 

Step #2: Lead conversion – getting the meeting and you will receive 20% of the total 100 leads you generated. So, it will be 200 meetings in total. 

Step #3: Client acquisition – average closing ratio for a qualified lead stands at around 25%, but let’s be conservative and say that you close 15%. So, from 10,000 website visitors or impressions that your business has had, you get 30 clients.

Now, you have to suppose that you want to double the market size from here. That is not commonly easy. But to make it possible, you can simply make some amends or improvements at every step. 

In this example we’re going to have an improvement of just 27% for every step.

So, in Step 1, you will have 1270 instead of 1000 leads (with an increase of 27%). In Step 2, you will get 322 meetings instead of the 200 meetings. 

In Step 3, you can improve to 18.8% instead of 15% which will result in 60 clients. You can see from the above calculation that the sales have exactly doubled. 

While in the first calculation it was 30 clients, in the second one it has become 60. Assuming that you are selling the same product/service, your sales have doubled! But how can you do that? 

Throughout this article, we will show you some of the best ways to double your sales with digital marketing.

Increase Lead Quality Using These 4 Digital Marketing Strategies

Before we get into the details, let us talk about an interesting concept about sales pipelines. 

If you go by the classic definition of the sales pipeline, the sales prospects i.e. the companies or people who have not bought anything from your business go to one end of the pipeline while the customers i.e. the companies and people who have bought from your business come out from another end of that pipeline, but there is a problem with this analogy. 

The problem is that it will encourage linear thinking that if a business starts pouring more and more prospects, then more customers will come out of the other end. More leads does not necessary mean more customers.

This is not always the truth because as a salesperson, you will have to follow up a lot of leads. It can result in some wrong leads too and that can potentially reduce the sales number that you can eventually make. 

So, it is better to think of the sales pipeline as if they are operating just like compound interest. When you apply a small increase in efficiency at different points of your sales cycle, it will cause an increase in the final sales result. 

We go more in depth on how to get more high quality leads in this article here. Check it out if you want to learn about about generating more high quality leads.

With the help of the followed four particular metrics, you will be able to generate a huge increase in: 

  • The sales leads’ quality 
  • The number of leads which you can close 
  • Total passed time for developing the lead 
  • Total average value of every sale you make

Create more Targeted Content

It is good if you are getting a lot of leads from your website. But have you ever realized that how many of those have become your client or customers? 

In order to increase the quality of your lead, you have to focus more on the targeted content and increasing the conversion rate on your website

One of the most important parts of your digital marketing campaign is the content, and it is responsible for the maximum inbound traffic. 

With targeted content, it can attract people from social media as well as from search engines. If the topics of your content are super relevant to your specific audience, then this can have a huge impact on the visitors or leads who eventually decide to covert. 

For instance, if your content is mostly based on general topics, it can attract several leads but many of them can be completely unfamiliar with the type of company or industry you are in. If you want some qualified leads, then it is better to change the main focus of the content and target your ideal customers.

Make Your Content Super Helpful

One of the best sources of your leads can be your content but if you properly execute the strategies for content marketing. 

As you may know, the most important part of digital marketing is content marketing. People search for helpful information and facts in your content. If you can generate some top-notch content and share them on social media platforms then it can attract dozens of leads. 

But how can you convert these leads into potential customers or clients? To convert maximum leads to potential customers, you have to make some adjustments to your content strategy. 

These adjustments are done according to various requirements. For an instance, if you are an owner of a law firm that deals with business clients, then writing content that is focused on consumer law and litigation can attract a lot of people to your website. 

Most of those people will not relate to the main demographic which will reduce the lead quality efficiently. So, it is always a better idea if you can create and publish content that provides information to a very specific targeted group of people. 

Those kind of people will be your dream customers as explained in and on BizcaBOOM, a Woodlands Web Design & Digital Marketing Company, all of which will also result in a better conversion rate.

Refine Your Social Media Efforts

Just like your website content, even the things that you post on your social media platform effectively control who will come to your website. 

You can have better control on social media platforms about who will come and be in your followers’ list. 

You will be able to target some of the particular demographics for reaching out to them and then build a base audience. This can help you in increasing the number of connections that will fall into the targeted demographics. 

The best part is that you have the power to filter out some of them who are not relevant to the targeted demographics. For instance, you can filter out the people who are from outside of the geographical area.

Request a Little More Information from Prospects

Information is everything and if you can get a little bit more information about your prospects, it can help you a lot. 

How can you do that? The best to do it is by using the contact form which will be on your site. It is one of the compulsory parts if you want to achieve some quality leads easily. 

This step can also improve the lead’s quality. According to a study by MarketingExperiements, a longer form resulted in a 226% increase in leads and an large increase in the quality of leads that were coming in.

All you have to do is to ask them to add some essential information in that form. The information provided by the prospects can help you to get some valuable data that you can use in the next steps that you will take in the sales funnel. 

Some of the information pieces are full name, occupations, age group, and more. This can help you in getting better quality leads. You must make these fields a mandatory one so that no one can skip them. 

Make sure to ask the right questions that can help you. Remember, long contact forms can be quite tedious. It can make the leads prevent from leaving behind some of the useful information for you. 

Hence, keep it short and simple with only the necessary fields.

Focus on More Interested Buyers

One of the common mistakes that businesses make is contacting people who are not interested in buying products or services from you. 

This is a complete waste of time for you too. But if you focus on the people who are more interested in buying, then you will be able to convert these prospects (high-quality sales leads) into your customers in a much short period. 

Hence, you need to ensure that your sales team as well as your marketing team is working together to sort out the profile of a high-quality lead. To do so, your sales team must provide all the regular and direct information to the marketing team. 

These inputs are about who is actually interested in buying as well as the precise details such as job title, the structure of the organization, industry and many more. 

When the initial profile is ready, then the marketing team can generate some leads that match with the profile and nurture it. 

Decrease the Time Required to Develop a Sales Lead

Even when you are calling on the best quality leads, there will be a percentage of leads that will not become your customers. This is because either they do not have the money to buy your product/service or they do not see the value in what you sell. You have to quickly identify these dead-end leads. 

This will help you to save time and spend on those leads that are likely to convert. To do it, you should not try selling the new prospects right away. 

It is better if you ask some questions for identifying if those prospects want to become your customers or not. In case they are not interested, then you can politely stop the engagement and resume your work. This will help you to stop wasting some of your precious time.

Increase Your Website's Conversion Rate by Being Clear

The first and the foremost thing that you will have to do to convert the prospects to customers is to convey your message clearly. 

In this message, you have to tell them about the aspects that make your business different from others and why it will be a better decision to buy the products or services from you. 

If you clearly state your value proposition it can work really efficiently in order to convert. This value proposition is your USP or unique selling proposition which must be shown through images, contents as well as headlines. 

This is the primary feature of your marketing campaigns. According to the experts, your unique selling proposition must be precise containing 10 work or even lesser than that.

Improve the Copy on Your Website

To improve the conversion rate, it is very important for you to make some considerable changes to the sales copy of your website. It should be very persuasive in nature. 

In several case studies, it has been seen that small tweaks and certain improvements in the copy can affect the conversion rate a lot. If that is the case, you must look into the matter deeply. 

There are different elements present in your sales copy that you must test. The most crucial element in that copy is the headline. 

The founder of a popular marketing firm named Ogilvy was stated that people read the headlines 5 times more than they read the copy

He also added that when you have figured out the headline for your sales copy, you have done a huge part already. 

With that said, it is important to start it with the headline of your copy. Check whether or not you can make a significant improvement by that in the conversion rate.

Decrease Your Website's Loading Time

The next best strategy to ensure that you are getting high-quality leads that are converting into the consumer is to improve the loading time of your website. Webpages can take a lot of time to load at times and many potential prospects leave the site because of this reason. 

This can have a tremendous impact on your conversion rate. According to many types of research, if your webpage doesn’t need any longer than 5 seconds to load, then you are likely to get better conversions. 

When you reduce the loading time of your page, you will have fewer visitors who are impatient. This reduces the bounce rate too. You can improve your loading time by removing some of the large images from your site.

Analyze Your Competitors

To make sure that you are ahead of the competition against your rivals, you know the weaknesses as well as the strengths of the rival. 

You will be able to use some of that information for highlighting your unique selling proposition. This can help you to gain a better position in the market over the rivals. When you do this, you have to know that the people do their research to check their options before they make any purchase. 

They will check your competitor too in order to measure them. You can perform a thorough analysis of competitors to know the customers in a better way. 

Then, you will be able to focus on the efforts to ensure that you have a better website along with a better product range that your customers will love.

Marketing Strategy hit

BONUS Sales Tip: Focus on Solving the Core Problem

By now, you have already shown your prospect that you completely understand what is exactly happing in their life. One thing that you can ask them is – Do you have any issues with our product/service? 

This question will help your prospects to come forward and tell openly about the issues that they face. Asking these questions that are not easy will help you to know what is really going. 

Also, the prospects can see a huge value in this method and they will also appreciate these steps. 

Once you identify the main issue or challenge, you can focus on it and solve that problem efficiently. This can help you to double up your sales effectively.

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