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There are hundreds of millions of websites that are out in the world today, but did you know that about 90% of those websites don’t get ANY traffic?

Getting your website known and getting it out there may be important, but what’s even more important is to build a website that will be able to rank on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo!.

In this four-part series, we discuss how to attract more customers with strategies for designing websites. Below we present 8 effective strategies that can be applied to your company’s web design to improve the user experience and increase SEO speed.

We have worked with web designers and graphic designers to find the best ways to implement these strategies for your business. If you’re a business owner, member, or a designer, then this guide can definitely help you to increase the user engagement of your website, which will ultimately increase your traffic and bring in more leads.

Let’s dive in to how to make your website effective with these 8 design strategies:

1) What Platform are You Going to Design your Website on?

Your website isn’t going to be awesome if it’s not build on a good content management system (CMS). Having a Facebook account for your business is not a website, it’s a social media platform. In order to grow your business or in your area, you need to build your website on a reliable CMS. 

Before hiring a professional web designer in The Woodlands or in your area, make sure you know what content management system the company or developer is going to build your new website on. Now the next step is buying a domain name.

The first step is to buy a unique domain name for your company and then selecting a website hosting platform. A great website hosting platform we use for our website is WordPress, which is very SEO friendly and is extremely customizable to suit your company’s needs.

2) Develop a Brand

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Your brand isn’t defined by one aspect, such as the logo, storefront, company truck, etc.. Your logo, storefront, employees, website, social media, etc. all tie into developing a strong brand, but most importantly, creating a brand that will generate your company more revenue on a continuous basis isn’t something that happens right away.

Build an audience, develop a reputation, keeping posting content on social media, provide great customer service, and share this on your website to keep visitors knowing that you’re a growing brand.

3) Have a Clean Design

Having a website design that’s too cluttered up can be an absolute killer for your website. Nobody likes complicated pages with all sorts of advertisements, offers, pictures all around the website in an unorganized fashion, etc., because it’s not easy to comprehend in a few seconds.

Remember that the first impression is everything. If the first thing visitors see on your website is a lot of clutter, then they probably will leave your website. 

Have a website design the has a nice flow to it, describes what your business does and what it offers in a simple easy to read layout.

4) Make the Website Responsive

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The use of responsive web design will ensure that everyone in your target audience can have a pleasant experience when visiting your website. No matter what device your visitors use, you must make sure they also have a great user experience. There are many different ways to make your business website look great, but one of the most important is the use of responsive design.

If your website design does not support all screen sizes, there is a chance that you will lose the battle against your competitors. Your web design strategy should therefore take into account optimization for mobile phones and tablets and constantly check whether the website looks good on small screens. Web design revolves around how fast your websites are on mobile devices, whether you use plugins or not, and the size of the screen.

An effective web design requires that your website is responsive, mobile, and effective in order to maximize conversions and online sales. After implementing the above responsive web design tips, it is worth checking whether your website is now responsive and testing it to make sure it is as responsive as possible on mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets.

5) Put Important Pages on the Footer

After you’ve created a nice layout for your website that is not only impressive but has a clear purpose, then it is time to customize your footer in a way that will guide visitors to look at other pages on your website. 

While you do have a menu on the header and perhaps the sidebar of the website, having a few important website pages on the footer can help users navigate to other important web pages right after they are done reading the rest of the site.

Some things you can include as well is your phone number, location, social media, ways for customers to contact you, and most importantly, your logo.

6) Encourage Users to Take Action on Your Website

boom website with more calls

Effective website design is more than just looking good, the type of website you want to make is as important as figuring out how it should look. Each page should have its own purpose and the information on the website must flow in a logical and easy-to-follow pattern. Designing your websites like real landing pages will help you with your marketing actions more. Your website needs a good balance between design elements such as layout, layout design, navigation and call to actions.

7) Connect Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a must for successful digital marketing. Google Analytics helps you keep track of the performance of your website. In order to install Google Analytics on your website, you need to insert an HTML tracking code onto the header of your website from Google Analytics. For more info on how to do this read this article on how to install Google Analytics on your website.

8) Post More Blogs and Helpful Content

Content marketing is one of the best types of marketing you can do. By posting new content on your website on a regular basis, not only will this improve your rankings, but it will drive more traffic to your website.

Helpful content also helps your company build an audience, which is essential for successful digital marketing.

If you are in need of a professional Woodlands web designer, check us out here to learn more about BizcaBOOM.

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