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Starting a new business can be quite challenging in the beginning stages. If you’re starting a new business, having a solid startup marketing strategy is arguably is the most important thing you should do, BUT it is often the most overlooked. Why is this?

Well today I am going to give INSIDER tips for your startup marketing strategy. To start off this article, think about this for a moment:

How can my startup acquire new customers?

This is the question you should be asking yourself and your team whenever you are formulating your new business and startup marketing strategy. Figure out what is your ideal customer and where do they hang out most of the time. Do they usually stay on Facebook? Are they on a particular website most of the time? Where are they located at?

These are just some ideas to consider when crafting a successful startup marketing strategy.

While there are no one-size fits all solution to your startup marketing, there are many ways to promote your startup online.

Let’s get started with the foundation or the basics:

Your Product/Service Should Be in the Strategy

Before you get all pumped with trying to market and sell your product/service as fast as possible, let’s SLOW down for a second.

marketing strategy session

Your product/service should be the #1 focus in the beginning stages, not marketing. You wouldn’t want to start pushing out and selling your product/service if you haven’t really made it extremely valuable. A product/service that has problems right from the beginning and severely damage your reputation in the long run and can be expensive to repair if you start rolling out a bad product/service.

For example, Tesla just recently asked to recall about 135,000 cars because of a failure-prone touchscreen in this article by CNN. Now while this may not seem like a big issue, too many recalls can severely damage Tesla’s reputation. This is just one example of why you need to focus on your product/service first, especially if you’re a startup company.

When you have product/service that is phenomenal and is just so much better than anybody else has ever seen, your customers will be the ones marketing your product/service, not you, so in that case you may not even have to do a lot of marketing, because your customers are doing it for you!

internet marketing

This type of marketing is also known as viral marketing. In viral marketing, essentially your customers will be the ones sharing your product/service on social media and they will be the ones to promote your startup. Not only is this a smart tactic to implement in your startup marketing strategy, but it can drastically increase your startup’s reputation.

Forming a Marketing Plan is Not What You May Think

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Once you are deciding to market your product/service and start selling it, first think to yourself, is this something people will be willing to buy? When I mean people, I also don’t just mean anybody, but your target audience. Would your target audience be willing to buy your product/service?

If you have to really think about this question for a while or if it’s a straight up no, then it’s time to go back to the drawing board.

As you start to refine your product/service overtime, your startup marketing strategy should include the benefits of your product/service and how it improves people’s lives (your target audience).

Implement One of The BEST Marketing Strategies:

The internet is expanding more and more. According to, about 4 million blog posts are made EVERY DAY. This is a big number and it’s only going to get bigger, so why not participate in this opportunity? 

There are many opportunities your startup can partake in when you start to make content whether if it is an update on your latest product, a how-to video, a checklist, etc., content marketing should be a staple in your startup marketing strategy.

Content marketing works like this:

  1. You create content that your target audience is interested in
  2.  Your target audience see the content you post
  3. Some people in your target audience find value in the content you produce and want to know more about your company
  4. A small percentage of your target audience may want to do business with you in the future
  5. After posting good quality content on a regular basis, you start to build a following and you may even get more customers!
creating content for websites that is SEO friendly

There are many types of content marketing that you do such as:

  • Blog articles (helps with SEO as well)
  • Videos
  • Social Media Posts
  • Interviews
  • Podcasts
  • E-Book

One very effective content marketing strategy that you can implement right now as part of your startup marketing strategy is by creating blog articles on your website.

Blog articles can help your website rank on Google and other search engines. This is a relatively easy and effective SEO strategy to help you get website visitors in the beginning stages of your startup.

Creating blog articles on your website also showcases your knowledge and can provide you a great opportunity to solve the problems your target audience is having. 

Another benefit of creating blog articles and why you should implement it into your startup marketing strategy is the credibility and reputation boost it can bring to your startup, something that is hard to do when building a startup.

Measure, Analyze, Improve

MAI method of improving marketing

When marketing your startup, one of the best ways to improve your startup and make more sales is by using this simple strategy:

Measure, Analyze, Improve

But what do you measure? First, you need a KPI (also known as a Key Performance Indicator). For example, in most companies, a major KPI is monthly sales. How many sales did you make this month? Is it lower than usual? What caused the decrease in sales this month?

For example, if you are getting leads from a particular source, you want to measure it. Are they good leads? How much revenue did your company make from this one lead source? How is the source generating your company leads? What can we improve?

As soon as you are able to measure what you are doing for your startup marketing strategy, you can then analyze your efforts and improve from there.

Get a Professional Marketing Team to Give You Insight

workflow retargeting strategy

While you might have a good understanding of how to formulate a successful startup marketing plan, it’s probably unlikely that your skills and insights aren’t even close to that of a marketing professional or agency. 

If your startup has already made a valuable product/service and you’re looking to grow at an exponential rate, hiring a professional digital marketing agency to help you craft a highly successful startup marketing plan would be the best direction to go.

When crafting a marketing plan for your startup, just know that not every aspect of the plan has to be set in stone as most startups change in direction very fast in the beginning stages. 

I would recommend to first create a product or service that is valuable to your target consumer and then plan your startup marketing plan accordingly. 

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