HUGE Mistakes You Need to Avoid When Creating Mobile-Friendly Websites

HUGE Mistakes You Need to Avoid When Creating Mobile-Friendly Websites front cover

One of the biggest mistakes people make when building a new website is NOT creating a responsive website that is able to be read across multiple devices. With the internet changing so rapidly, we’ve made a guide here on huge mistakes you need to avoid when creating mobile-friendly websites.

Online presence on mobile is a major step towards getting hoards of customers for your business. If you’re managing an eCommerce website through Magento or WordPress, making the website mobile friendly is a necessity. 

A study by Review 42 displays these astonishing statistics about mobile-friendly websites:

  • 70% of web traffic comes from mobile phones.
  • 80% of the top-ranked websites are mobile-friendly.
  • 61% of users will never return to a website that is not mobile-friendly.

A professional and smooth website is good to gain new customers, get credibility, and also foster client relationships. Ideally, with the most reliable websites, you get: Steady targeted leads, a highly user-friendly interface, and obviously, a good amount of conversions! 

Now is the time to reconsider your mobile website building strategy and here we help you with the same by unveiling a few of the biggest mistakes you need to avoid when creating mobile-friendly websites!

HUGE Mistakes You Need to Avoid When Creating Mobile-Friendly Websites

Not Optimizing Your Website for Fast Loading Times

"46% of users don't revisit poorly perfoming websites."

With a slow page loading on mobile, you provide bad experience to the users, whether they’re on a desktop or on any smartphone device. If you have a slow website, you’ll lose a lot of prospective users. 

Page loading time is among the major contributing factors in abandonment of pages. If you’ve got a slow-loading mobile Website, you’ll need to recheck with the website developer. 

Sometimes smart website developers also compromise performance for the website beauty. With slow page performance, you majorly impact the user shopping behavior as well. 

Let’s check on a few stats: 40% users can abandon website taking up to 3 seconds for loading. 45% users want loading of website is around 2 to 3 seconds. With only a delay of single second, you can decrease satisfaction of customers by around 15%. 

About 46% of users don’t revisit poorly performing websites. With Google Analytics you can know the about the loading speed of your mobile website, in this article is a guide on how to set up Google Analytics so that you can start tracking the performance of your website.

No Clear Brand Message

The brand messaging needs to be framed for understanding the process of decision-making and the value you’re putting out. Talk less about yourself, and communicate more with the audience about tackling and solving the general issues they face. A great example of this is how IKEA solves this family’s issue using humor and storytelling:

A lot of developers underestimate the impact that this particular mistake has on their website. A great success factor for most major brands is messaging, however it is not commonly practiced by small businesses.

To fix this issue in the best possible way and time is to focus on “storytelling”. This means that drafting and publishing communicative content that compels your audience and connects you with them emotionally. 

If you’re sounding similar to other companies on the internet with generic messages, people don’t care much. For standing out, the message must come from the beliefs and values of the brand. 

Having Poor SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Strategies

Most new developers consider poor website design to be the foremost factor for poor user experience. However, your website content is the factor that attracts or repels traffic along with new leads. 

With interactive and rich content your brand gets exceptional value and gets organic search engine growth. The conventional SEO was stuffing keywords with poor content along with too many haphazard backlinks. 

Developers who make such common website design mistakes nowadays can get penalized and also lose website authority. Search engine algorithms also grew a lot smarter, and value sites always rank higher. 

There are some important things to follow for refining search engine optimization. Using Long Tail Keywords: In simple words, a long-tail keyword means the specific keyword pointing in the direction where user search is headed. 

Ranking for long keywords instead of shorter ones is simple, and it results in relevant leads. Let’s suppose: Rather than using “Bathroom remodeling”, you can try this: “Cost of bathroom remodeling”. 

You can know about other long-tail keyword examples with an initial Google search for short keyword phrases (also called “head terms”). Posting Quality Content: Pale websites don’t form strong relationships with repeat and potential customers. 

Make sure to offer informative, fresh, and unique content. The frequent quality content is presently a valuable SEO practice. You can include active blogs in the website for sharing articles about helpful expertise and industry trends. Your prospective customers get value that instills trust in them and you create a brand. 

Social Engagement: It’s good to connect with your customers on a personal level. For this, you can make use of websites such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. 

Through these outlets, you can strengthen customer service recognition and brand identity. Also, combine social sharing with blog posting, and you get a good method to rank higher on search engines.

Not Making it Easy for Users to Contact You

The business you do must be everyone’s business! Clients should be able to easily get in touch with you! More often than not, the website owners don’t prominently show the phone numbers in the footer and header space or on a specific contact page. 

Ensure that you’ve to avoid such common website design mistakes by putting a call to action button in your header space along with the contact info (For example: “Call today to get a free quote! 600-999-1181”). 

If you prefer not to appear too much of a seller, then you can include just a “Call 600-999-1181” too. 

You must have a “Contact Us” option in the main navigation. Other forms of communication such as social media or email don’t prove to be as good as a phone number or a form.

Stop Using Outdated Website Design Trends

Most known websites have a beautiful design. While dealing with a mobile website, you must ensure a good design. Mobile users expect a website with good design. 

Something from 1998 or early 2000s can make you lose business if all of your competitors have an updated website design. Best tips to get rich design include many call-to-actions, so customers won’t need to scroll much for finding them. 

Make sure to not have too many pop-ups, avoid overloading users with discounts and offers, menus must be sweet and short, and you also make it simple for finding the way back to the homepage. 

To learn more about website design trends to avoid, read this article here.

Avoid using Super Long Forms

Let’s emphasize this, everyone avoids filling long forms that pop up on desktop sites, and this is an absolute no-no on your mobile devices. It’s not a comfortable experience to feed lots of information on a little screen using thumbs, and many users consider this as obnoxious. 

It’s best to avoid things that make your users type on mobile devices. Including lengthy and frustrating website forms for any transaction seriously hurts the conversion rates as users don’t prefer it. 

If including a form is a must for you, then you must ensure that it is quite short and you can also include an auto-suggest/auto-fill feature if possible. clear website navigation
Clear website navigation from

Make Sure the Website Navigation isn’t Complex

With responsive navigation, mobile users can easily find what they were looking for on the website without getting confused. Also, it results in the elimination of any unnecessary clicks for wrong places. 

With good navigation customers get important information on their website. Without designing and planning navigation without many efforts you get low sales. 

Without having a clear breadcrumb and right navigation your potential customers can get lost. To fix this issue you need to closely work with the website developer for negating the stumbling prospective block. 

Don’t assume that they’re smart and instinctively know the style of navigation that works well for a certain design. Also by collaborating you can know about the reasons behind all their decisions. 

If you’re making a new mobile website launch you’re probably not selling thousands of products, or maybe not hundreds. Thus, it must be simple to form navigation with only a few links, which makes it effortless for customers for finding what they were searched for.

Not Including Analytics for Evaluating Performance

You assume that you’ve packed on everything and fixed all common errors, but still, you aren’t satisfied with the performance. Among lots of common website design mistakes, the biggest one is ignoring looking important data availed for the performance of the website. 

Note: Only around 25% of websites of small businesses use analytics tools for tracking and evaluating performance with the perimeters! 

You can think of this as an important investment for your website. Among the most vital things that can be done is the protection of the investment for measuring success and also analyzing progress. 

Sounds quite simple, right? A great benefit of including online marketing is the ability to simplify, test, track, and adjust. Also, it is possible to track and test using metrics tools like Google Analytics. The tool provides you with a lot of valuable information about the behavior of users, and lets you make goals for tracking conversions.

Including lots of Text on Website Pages

Mobile websites that are intended to be viewable on various screen sizes must not be loaded with lots of text. It makes the appearance of the overall page bombarded with many words, which also makes users frustrated about the readability of the content. 

The properly formatted text has to be added to the page through the use of bullets, whenever it is needed. The content can get shortened for appearing good on a little device screen. 

Mobile pages always have to appear clean and it is only possible when content gets placed neatly and is systematically formatted on screen.

Final Thoughts

Knowing about mistakes you need to avoid when creating mobile-friendly websites helps you in changing the current position of your website and make it rank higher in a shorter period. 

By implementing all necessary fixes website developers design a responsive, content-rich, and well-performing website for users that works seamlessly on all devices. 

Also, just because your website developer seems professional, you don’t have to let them handle everything. To know about common website design mistakes that can occur, make sure you’re also involved in the process of decision making. 

Learn to communicate your requirements to them and also communicate with them about the mistakes that you wish to avoid. Including a Feedback section on the website can also be helpful where website visitors can feed suggestions about further optimization on mobile devices. 

Always pay heed to suggestions put up by the end users and fix the issues at the earliest!

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