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Do you ever land on website and find yourself not wanting to get answers simply because the design of the website makes it hard to read the information? Or better yet, the website never loads! 

In that case, you’ll often end up closing the website instead of going through the information. This highlights a crucial point that saving the most accurate information on the website is not good enough. You have to design it properly as well. 

To help you do so, we will share with you our top 15 web design do’s and don’ts from a web design company in The Woodlands, TX. Once you go through these, it will become easier to avoid the most common web designing mistakes. Similarly, you will know the best web designing practices you have to follow as well.

Top 15 Do's and Dont's of Web Design (List):

1. Do Make Sure That The Website Navigation is Seamless

Navigation plays a very important part in web design. Only with the help of navigation, your visitors can find the information which they are looking for. You have to design the navigation of your website in such a way that it is seamless. 

It should be self-explanatory. With the help of a clear structure and a minimalistic design, visitors will be able to browse through your website easily. This is a practice which you should always follow while designing a website.

great website design with good flow
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2. Do Make the Design Consistent

The interface of any website consists of numerous aspects like:
• Color scheme
• Navigation
• Writing style
• And so on

You have to ensure that these aspects of the website are consistent throughout the website. Only then, the users will have a seamless reading experience. Otherwise, users are likely to get frustrated and close your website. That is why; it is a good idea to always have a uniform interface across your website.

3. Do Make the Web Design Easy on the Eyes

The website should be easy on the eye. If it is cluttered, it will become difficult for the visitors to go through the website. You do need to follow a pattern of visual hierarchy to ensure that your visitors are able to scan through the website in a single glance. Only then will they stay on the website and go through the information.

4. Encourage Users to Scroll Through Your Website

Your website visitors might not find all the information they need above the fold. That is why you have to always encourage them to scroll or browse multiple pages of your website. 

Once you do so, gaining the desired conversion, whether it is a purchase, information submission, or sign up for a newsletter, will be easy. To do so, it is important to encourage the visitors to scroll. You can do so with the help of proper copywriting skills. 

That is why you have to design the website so that you can guide the visitors through copywriting. You have to ensure that your website consists of high-quality content and visuals and written cues to help the visitors.

5. Double-check Every Aspect of the Website

Even after your best efforts, there might be some errors left on your website. That is why you have to doublecheck everything. These include:
• Faulty code
• Linking problems
• Spelling mistakes
• Grammatical mistakes
• Typos
• Poorly linked images
• And so on
Only once you are sure that there are no errors left can you consider the website to be ready.

6. Do Create a Responsive Website

The total number of devices that have browsers these days are over 5 billion. They are not necessarily browsing from a desktop or laptop. These days, visitors use various devices to browse the Internet like:
• Tablet
• Smartphone
• Desktop
• And so on
The visitors will be able to access your website from these devices only if it is responsive. A responsive website will change the layout according to the device from which the user is browsing. That is why it is important to make sure that you have a responsive website that is able to be accessed and readable throughout all devices.

7. Place Call-To-Actions Accordingly

Every website has a purpose. The purpose is closely linked to the monetization of the website. It can be the submission of information, purchase of a product or service. You have to ensure that this call to action (CTA) is clearly visible to the visitor. 

Only then there is no confusion. It will help you monetize your website. For the visitor, it will make it easy to find relevant information. We also talk more about CTA’s in this article about the 4 Ways to Get Your Business More Customer Calls from Your Website. Now that you are aware of the do’s let us look at the don’ts.

The Don'ts of Web Design

8. Don't Go with Multiple Fonts

While designing a website, you have the option to choose from hundreds of different fonts. Many of these fonts might seem tempting. However, while designing a website, you have to incorporate three fonts into the website at maximum. Only then will it become easier for the visitors to go through the content of the website.

9. Don't Slow Down the Website

The user experience will always be dependent on the time which it takes for the website to load. If it takes time, users will get frustrated, and they will close your website. It will be a loss for you as well as for the visitors. 

While designing the website, you have to ensure that the pages load faster. With the help of efficient web designing, you can achieve that. Some tips to not slow down your website include purchasing the right hosting, reducing image file sizes, etc. It is not good to make your web visitors wait for your pages.

10. Avoid Blinking Animations

Blinking animations might seem like a good idea for messengers, they might sound appealing. However, it is not suitable for websites. That is because it will result in a flickering effect on the screen of the visitor. Nobody likes to go through that to gain access to the information which they are looking for. That is why we have blinking animations as a big don’t in web design list.

the worlds worst website
Photo from The Worlds Worst Website

11. Don't Make the Website a Rainbow (Excessive Colors)

Similar to fonts, you have the option to choose from hundreds of different colors while designing your website. However, rather than choosing every color you come across, it is better to use a proper color palette. 

It will ensure that you can associate a proper emotion with your website and make it aesthetically pleasing. Your aim should be to make your website a rainbow. Rather, it should be to make your website aesthetically pleasing.

To choose the color palette for your website, go according to the information or products which you are promoting. If you’re promoting meditation products, you can go with the earth colors rather than bright ones. Websites like can help you choose the right color palette accordingly.

12. Don't Introduce Pop-ups Without a Delay

Many times, you might have to include the pop-up on your website. It might be a subscribe box or a discount coupon and so on. However, pop-ups are pretty disrupting. That is why; you should introduce them with a delay. In case you introduce them without delay, it will be very irritating for the visitors. That is why; you shouldn’t introduce pop-ups without delay.

You have to delay the pop-ups by such time that the visitors can understand the value of what you offer. In a nutshell, only when the visitors have gone through some of the content, your pop-up should appear.

13. Don't Make Users Scroll Through Your Website Horizontally

Vertical scrolling is common when it comes to websites. However, the same cannot be said about horizontal scrolling. Horizontal scrolling makes the content difficult to read. That is why; it is certainly a thing which you need to skip while designing your website.

old website that has a lot of promotions
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14. Don't Try to Hard Sell Users

Many times, we try to do a hard sell. We do not care about the rest of the content on our website. We just try to promote, promote and promote more. However, doing so can be irritating for the visitor. When the visitor is irritated, he/she might close your website. 

In that case, the purpose of creating a website or promoting it will not be served. While designing the website, you have to ensure that the design is not pushing brand new visitors to buy a fancy product from you, but rather building a new relationship with that user.

15. Don't Auto-play Music or Videos:

These days, it makes sense to include more than one media on your web pages. You might design the website accordingly as well. However, you shouldn’t auto-play music or videos. 

The music or the videos that auto-play right after loading the page can irritate the visitors. They will have no other option but to close the page. Often, the content of the music or video might not be something that your visitor likes by default. That is why, when embedding any media to your website, make sure that it is not set to autoplay. 

It is better to mute the music video by default. You can give a button to the visitors to unmute the audio when they want. It will help you put the visitors in control. Thus, when designing a website, make sure that you follow these dos and don’ts. 

Once you do so, your website will start to annoy users, this is another reason why permission marketing has become so important. The visitors will surely love to browse your website and access the information on it. Not only that, monetizing your website will be easy once you follow these dos and don’ts.

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