Why Website Maintenance is HIGHLY Important After Development

Why Website Maintenance is Highly Important After Development

Most websites run on a CMS or a content management system and constantly need to be updated for the website to be performing at it’s best. A few common questions we get as a web design company are:

Why is website maintenance important?

Is it necessary to do website maintenance after development?

How does updating content regularly help in sustaining a website?

The short answer to this is that the website doesn’t just run on it’s own. Similar to a car that needs regular oil changes, most websites run on a Content Management Systems (CMS) such as WordPress or Joomla

Most of these content management systems need to be updated on a regular basis in order for your website to stay at an optimal performance.

A regularly updated website is absolutely critical for having success online with you business. 

Not only is it not enough to design, schedule, and host a website, but ongoing maintenance is essential to keep your website up to date, avoid disruptions, and achieve optimal performance. 

However, try not to confuse website maintenance with a website redesign. Website maintenance has more to do with ongoing assistance in changing content, updating plugins, and installing updated security. Why website maintenance is important?

Your question will be answered in this article. Without a further a do, let’s dive into why website maintenance is highly important after development and some factors to consider when deciding to do so:

Why Website Maintenance is Highly Important After Development

Regular Maintenance Improves the Security on Your Website

According to a study by a Global Security Company, Sophos, on Forbes, about 30,000 websites are hacked every single day. That’s about 900,000 websites every month and about 11 million every year! And that number is increasing!

What’s shocking about these statistics is that out of those websites that were hacked, about 56% of them had an outdated content management system. Security is one of the biggest reasons why website maintenance is highly important after development. 

You wouldn’t want your website to crash a couple of months after building it, right? This is why you shouldn’t miss out on regular updates to your website. 

The reason your website can get hacked without regular updates and maintenance is because the new updates bring better security and the longer you wait to update a 10 year old website, the more likely it is for it to be taken down.

Several ways hackers can try to hack into your website is through spam, installing malware, and skimming (stealing credit card information).

As your website starts to gain more traffic and dominance, you can become a bigger target for hackers to try to steal not only your information, but your website visitors’ information. Your reputation can really take a hit if this were to happen.

It Creates a Better Experience for Website Visitors

An effective business website can attract large numbers of visitors and potential customers. Depending on the content of the website, website visitors may click on the website and stay for a while reading a particular article, watching a video, or making a purchase. 

By integrating various elements such as graphics, text, and images that target a particular market, effective corporate websites can attract more businesses. 

However, it is not enough to build and grow a strong online presence. It’s just as important to be able to wait. An online business website is just as effective as the content it owns. The content of the website must be kept current and updated regularly so that online visitors can expect something new from time to time. 

It Saves You Time and Money

When it comes to updating your website, you don’t want to wait on updates. Failing to update and maintain your website frequently can make the developing and updating process more time-consuming and costly the longer you wait.

The reason for this is because platforms like WordPress are always releasing a new update that ensures top security and performance. If you fail to maintain or update the platform, it can lead to your website having more vulnerabilities that will take more of your developer’s time to fix.

Another reason why website maintenance is important is that the functionality of your website can start to deteriorate the more outdated the Content Management System gets, so you don’t want to have to pay for it in the long run when your website does encounter an error.

keep users coming back by updating the website and high level SEO

Keep Users Coming Back to Your Website

By regularly updating your website with shareable content like upcoming events, image galleries, and blogs, your audience will get an idea of who you are and what you are doing. Interact with your audience, including actionable elements like a newsletter sign-up form and social media icons that point to your company’s profile. 

A well-maintained website will help promote your brand, work, and mission. Get rid of outdated information and check your website for problems and errors on your website. Do this regularly so that you can give your visitors the best possible user experience

Website maintenance is vital for all businesses, large and small that are wanting to have a good online presence. Regular maintenance of your website will improve performance and provide a safe environment for visitors. Website maintenance ensures that your visitors have a smooth experience when they visit your website. 

The user experience ensures that your visitors keep coming back. 

Regular Maintenance Can Get You a Good Working Backup Site

If you had made a change on your website that you don’t like or if your website were to crash, having a good working backup is essential is you don’t want to risk destroying your online presence. 

When you regularly update and maintain your website along with backing up your website, you can give yourself a nice working backup site in case anything were to happen to your current website. This can save you so much time and unwanted stress.

Usually a professional website design company should be able to maintain your website and provide monthly backups of your website. This will protect you from restarting any SEO campaign or losing any content you have recently created.

Decreased Website Speeds

Most Content Management Systems have new updates that need to be installed. These updates are meant to provide better protection against hackers and provide better performance. 

With plugins and other parts of the website needed to be updated frequently, core updates need to be installed from the CMS to be able to handle new themes, plugin features, and data protection, thus increasing the speed of the website.

When you do maintenance on your website, this will ultimately eliminate most the bugs that are causing the website to slow down. Speed is a very important factor in SEO. Some tools you can use to analyze the speed of your website is Google PageSpeed Insights and Pingdom.

Why You Should Hire a Website Maintenance Team

When hiring a professional and an experienced website maintenance team, they use the latest technology to monitor the website and make significant changes to improve its performance. 

Knowing how important your online business is to you, they offer high-quality solutions and regularly update your website, so you get a higher return on investment (ROI). 

If you’ve read this entire article and now you know why your website is not performing at its best, then you need to consider maintaining your website frequently because website maintenance is highly important to a website’s performance and rankings in the search engines.

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