How Often Do I Need to Do SEO on My Website?

How Often Should You Do SEO

Many professional SEO companies in Houston and around the world know that SEO is not a one-time thing, especially if you’re trying to get some decent rankings and traffic on Google.

With that said, you should revisit your website’s SEO strategy every month. There are other marketers that will tell you that every 3 to 6 months is a good, but in reality, if you’re seriously trying to rank for a competitive keyword in your niche or local area or are currently ranking in a competitive space, you have to constantly do SEO every month.

In this article about how often you need to do SEO on your website, I’ll explain more about why you need to revisit your SEO strategy even single month:

How Often (and Why) You Should Do SEO on Your Website

You Should Do SEO Every Month and Perhaps Every Week!

SEO is not a one-time gig. If your ranking for a competitive keyword or are trying to maintain your rankings in a competitive area, it will only be a matter of time before your competitors will come and outrank you, if you don’t do SEO on a frequent basis.

Here are some things you should be doing to improve or maintain your rankings and traffic on Google:

Track What's Happening on Your Website

Before you get into creating any new content or backlinks to your website for SEO, you need to know if your SEO efforts are working, and that starts with tracking what’s happening on your website.

One of the best free tools you can use to track the activity on your website is Google Analytics. With Google Analytics, you can track how much traffic is coming in, how long users are staying on your website (this is a big SEO factor), how often users come back to your website, and so on.

Once you create a new blog post, check Google Analytics to see if your new blog post is doing well. If it’s not generating any traffic, then you know for sure that something needs to get fixed.

describing what are meta descriptions for SEO purposes

Update Your Meta Descriptions

What are meta descriptions? Meta descriptions are the first thing a user sees before clicking on a website from Google. Make sure that your meta description has the right keywords so that you can rank your website or webpage on Google. 

Google and other search engines look at the meta description to see what your website is about, so make sure you monitor and update them so that you can stay on top of your SEO game!

Keyword Research

The more keywords your website ranks on Google for, the better your SEO and rankings will be. However this is not a 1+1=2 type of equation, it’s also about choosing the right keywords.

Before creating any new content, make sure that you do your research. Some things you can do to choose the right keywords are to:

  • Make sure that the keywords are related to your industry
  • The keywords are in line with the products/services you offer
  • Analyze the competition (see how much traffic they are getting, and the domain authority score of their website) to see if you have a chance of ranking for those specified keywords

When doing keyword research, make sure to look out for the average monthly searches. Here are some free tools you can use to find out the average monthly searches for a specific keyword:

Once you have followed the proper SEO steps above for selecting the right keywords, you can now create your fresh piece of content whether if it’s a video, article, or infographic.

Upload Fresh Content

Uploading and creating new content onto your website is arguably the most important SEO factor. This shouldn’t be something you do every 3-6 months, you should be uploading new content to your website just about every month if you want to maintain and increase your rankings on Google.

Google’s algorithm loves websites that are regularly updated and maintained, they would rather rank a website is constantly updated at the top of Google rather than an old website that hasn’t been touched in years.

By posting new content onto your website, this can slowly build the authority of your website. However you must select the right keywords, because creating a bunch of content with no purpose is just as bad as having no content.

Updating your website with new content is also better for the user, which is ultimately what Google wants. When people see that you upload new content on a monthly or even a weekly basis, this encourages people to want to stay engaged on your website, which will further boost your SEO.

Acquire Quality & Relevant Backlinks

Your website’s SEO should only be limited to content however. You should also be keeping up on acquiring quality and relevant backlinks to your site. Even having a great social media presence can be a good backlink, this is also known as social signals.

SEO and acquiring backlinks isn’t just a numbers game, it’s about gaining backlinks from relevant and trustworthy sources. Remember, Google isn’t stupid, their algorithms are getting smarter and smarter every single minute of the day. In 2018 alone, Google made a whopping 3200 changes to their search engine!

We have made an article here on the different ways you can attract more backlinks to your website.

How Often Should You Update an Older Blog Post?

This is a common question many business owners and SEOs have. The short answer to this, is that you really don’t have to update an old blog post frequently unless it is ranking for a competitive keyword. In any case, you should update an old blog post every 3-7 months.

Final Thoughts on SEO

How often should you update your SEO? Let’s just say, you shouldn’t ditch SEO and come back to it after 6 months. It’s like going to the gym, you can go all out in the gym every single day for 2 months, but there is going to be a point where your gains will be lost if you suddenly stop for 1 month. 

In short, you need to updating your website’s SEO every single month, especially if you’re in a competitive niche.

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