14 Local SEO Statistics for 2021

14 Local SEO Statistics for 2021

Are you also struggling to grow your local business online? Do you think growing your business online is a troublesome task? Are you roaming all over the internet to get a few ways to succeed in this regard? Stop thinking so profoundly as you have now reached the right place.

Today, we will discuss our Top 14 local SEO statistics, which is going to give you a little bit of insight on Local SEO for 2021. With these 14 local SEO statistics, you will better informed on what is happening in the SEO industry and even how you can rank at the top of Google in your area.

Before this, you must know what local SEO is. In simple words, it is the branch of SEO that works to improve the ranking of all the sites available in the local search results. We also have an article here on what SEO is, if you want more insight as to what SEO is.

When starting an online business, SEO is as important as water is essential to the human body. Whether you are running a small business or have a multinational company, you need a website to come in online marketing. 

Here are 14 Local SEO statistics for 2021:

14 Local SEO Statistics for 2021

Now that’s a lot a local searches: almost half the internet! This is why if you have a local business, it’s extremely important to get your business online!

The First Page Result on Google Gets Over 25% of the Clicks (Chart)

2) The First Page Result on Google Gets Over 25% of the Clicks

All those currently ranking on the top spot of all the search results are getting more than 25% of the clicks. That’s because most people want to get answers from the top-ranked sites. So if your local business is running accurately according with the right local SEO strategies, you are not away from getting this percentage of clicks.

3) There are Over 7.7 Billion Google Searches Per Day!

As of today of August 5th, 2021, according to Internet Live Stats, there are just about 94,000 Google searches PER SECOND. This would equate to just over 7.7 billion Google searches per day.

In the present time, everything is just a single click away. Whether it is about online stores or physical stores, you can have all the related questions within a few seconds. For most purchases, people prefer to research things online. 

4) 67.60% of All clicks Go to the First Five Results

We all know that the searchers click on the top search results to get the required result of their question. Most of them prefer the first five results and consider them more accurate than the remaining results. 

Not just accurate, but they are also more accessible than the other below sites. So most users would prefer going to the sites that are exactly in front of them rather than moving to the second or third page. In fact, over 90% of searches don’t even go past the first page of Google.

5) More than 55% of Searches are Done Through Mobile Devices

(Source: Statista)

Almost every second person in the world now has a mobile phone. It is estimated that 7.1 billion people are mobile users, and thus 55% of the searches are done using mobile phones. And this number will indeed keep on increasing as more people are connecting to the internet.

6) Zero-Click Searches are on the Rise

In more than 50% of the searches, zero clicks were. But do you know what this zero-click search is?

When a user searches for something, he gets the answer in the meta descriptions or from featured snippets. So there is no need to open any link or search result to come to the detailed document. Most of these clicks occur as a result of voice searches.

84% of People Were Convinced to Buy a ProductService After Watching a Brand's Video

7) 84% of People Were Convinced to Buy a Product/Service After Watching a Brand's Video

(Source: Wyzowl)

According to a 2021 survey by Wyzowl, 84% of people say that they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service after watching a brand’s video. So don’t you think including video content on your eCommerce site is a vital thing? Doing this can improve your SEO strategies along with your online sales.

Now what does this have to do with local SEO? If you have a local storefront, you can potential boost your local rankings in your area by simply adding a video to your website.

8) 53% Of Mobile Users Abandon Sites that Take Over 3 Seconds to Load

(Source: Google)

All the searches want quick answers to their queries. If a website takes some time to reveal the answers, they prefer moving to the next search result. It is ok if a site takes one to three seconds to show results, but taking three to five seconds can lose the searcher. So go for the optimization options to decrease the loading time. You can go for a better host or use the best CDN.

9) Websites with Video Content are 50x More Likely to Rank on Google's First Page

(Source: Forrester)

According to a study by Forrester, it is estimated that blogs with video content have about a 50 times better chance on ranking on the first page results on Google. 

Why? Well, a video can describe things better than the other types of content. Furthermore, Google is also promoting video content over other types. So start adding videos in your blogs and website if you want a higher chance of ranking locally on Google

10) About 76% of People Who Conduct Local Searches on a Mobile Device Visit a Physical Place within 24 Hours

(Source: Google)

Both mobile phones and the internet have changed our ways of shopping. And here we have also shown the proof to this statement. According to a study by Google, about 76% of people who conduct a local search on a mobile device visit a physical place or business within 24 hours.

11) Over 500% Increase in "Near Me" Searches in 2 Years

(Source: Google)

According to Google, “near me” searches increased more than 500%. When people are looking for a specific product or service, they also want to find the nearest place or company, which is why “near me” searches are becoming more popular year over year.

_28% of Local Searches End with a Purchase, another local SEO statistic to know

12) 28% of Local Searches End with a Purchase

(Source: 99Firms)

Local SEO and Google’s local search results is a reliable source to find information, especially local information about business hours, specials, and directions. Out of all the local searches, 28% percent of them result in a purchase within 24 hours.

13) Revamping your Old Content can Increase the Organic Traffic by 106%

(Source: Hubspot)

While creating new content is important, revamping your old content is also very effective in bringing in more traffic. You can also revamp your old content by adding more content to existing posts, images, and videos. But make sure these things are fresh and new. 

According to a study by HubSpot, by optimizing and revamping your old content, they’ve increased their traffic by an outstanding 106%.

14) 93% of Customers Read Online Reviews Before Buying a Product

(Source: Qualtrics)

Your online reputation is extremely important if you want to gain more online recognition and exposure in your local area. According to a study by Qualtrics, 93% of customers read online reviews before buying a product. 

Get more reviews for your business as soon as possible and you may just increase your sales and online reputation.


While there are many Google ranking factors you have to consider if you want to be at the first page or even the top of Google, these 14 local SEO statistics can help you understand more about local SEO and why SEO is still important for business in 2021 and beyond.

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