28% of Local Searches End with a Purchase

_28% of Local Searches End with a Purchase, another local SEO statistic to know

It’s not that long ago that people had to find local businesses by word of mouth, or the Yellow Pages. These days most of us have a smartphone sitting in our pocket and we are increasingly using them to find local businesses. 

In fact, 46% of searches on Google are looking for a local business, and of those searches, 28% are going to make a purchase. That’s a lot of business and that is business that could be heading your way!

Now as a small business owner, people are always pitching ideas for improving your business at you. It’s mostly based on opinions and unverified statements. So, we are going to be different and are giving you facts (based on numbers). Numbers don’t lie, right?

Why is Ranking on Google on a Local Level so Important?

Google is where people all across the world go first to find what they are looking for. Most people find what they are looking for in the first couple of results. That’s why your business needs to be ranked high in the local Google search result

I am sure that if you want a share of that business, in fact, I am sure you want a GIANT SIZED share of that business, here is a list of the amount of clicks that first 10 results on Google get:

  1. #1 Organic Search Result gets 28.5% of the clicks
  2. #2 Organic Search Result gets 15.7% of the clicks
  3. #3 Organic Search Result gets 11% of the clicks
  4. #4 Organic Search Result gets 8% of the clicks
  5. #5 Organic Search Result gets 7.2% of the clicks
  6. Anything else on the first page of the search results is still getting you less than 5% of the total search volume for your target keywords

The first 10 positions are stealing more than 90% of the business and you need to rank on the first page of Google if you want to see any significant gains in traffic, local brand awareness, than customers.

More People are Buying From Local Businesses

There has been a massive increase (500%) in the number of searches for “near me” For example “Plumber near me.” This means you really have to get your local SEO right or miss out on that business. This is the way that people find businesses these days.

People Searching for Products or Services on Google are Most Likely Going to Buy

When someone does a local search for a business, that customer is already closer to purchase and is ready to convert. In fact, research from Google has shown that 76% of people carrying out a local search will visit a business within a day. By not placing your business high on the list of options they can choose, you are throwing away potential sales.

Ranking on Google on a Local Level Drives more Sales & Customers to your Store

You can see from these numbers that improving your ranking on Google for local searches is going to boost your business. It’s a fact and the numbers prove it. By failing to ensure that your business ranks well on Google, then you are just allowing your competitors to have sales instead. As an astute businessman, you are not going to do that, I am sure.

Start Ranking on Google's Local search Today!

When local people search for your type of business on their smartphones, they are well along the path to making a purchase. Those are sales that are just waiting to be picked up. You can be the one that wins this business, or you can let your competitors benefit instead.

Take action and contact a Local SEO Houston company today to get more information on how you can have you share these sales.

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