76% of People Who Conduct Local Searches on a Mobile Device Visit a Physical Place within 24 Hours

76% of People Who Conduct Local Searches on a Mobile Device Visit a Physical Place within 24 Hours

If you think that your small business doesn’t need to have a presence on Google, this article may change your mind. Did you know that 76% of people who conduct local searches on a mobile device visit a physical place within 24 hours?

That means out of 100 people that search for a specific product or service in their local area, 76 of them will visit a store within that same day (or 24 hours). It doesn’t matter what your product may be, people rely on online reviews more than ever, which also can help your business get more customers.

The vast majority of your potential local clients, 97% of them, to be precise, will Google your company before they decide whether they will visit you. You don’t have the luxury not to use Google for your business, almost everyone uses it!

Local SEO is Important for Small Businesses

Now, you may think that the competition is tough and that you can’t compare with big industry names. But, wait! We’re talking local here – local searches are a completely different thing because people searching for local results are most likely to buy. 

They certainly aren’t searching for a hairdresser or a coffee shop just because they are bored – they are probably searching because they need these services and they need them now! This is why 76% of people that do local searches on a smartphone or mobile device will visit a physical place in the next 24 hours. What kind of image is your business showing online? 

Is that image in alignment with the quality of products and services you offer or it doesn’t represent them to their full potential? You should try your best to improve your presence on Google – as a result, your sales will increase.

Capitalize Now by Ranking Locally in Your Area

Industry trends are changing – more and more people are shopping locally. They are even ready to pay a higher price because they feel that they are doing something great for the whole local community. Word of mouth alone is not a good marketing strategy at all, when there is a faster way to check out your local businesses, with just a few clicks on Google. 

If you are like most people, you are searching things online at least once a day, in fact, according to Internet Live Stats, there are more than 7.5 billion searches per day as of 2021! 

In that case, this shouldn’t be a surprise for you – everyone else is doing the same thing, especially when it comes to local businesses that have a physical store. Most people first want to see the pictures and get to know the exact location, before they decide to visit your store. This is your chance to impress them before they even come to your store!

However, it’s not enough just to have your website and be present on Google. Your ranking is also an important factor! Imagine a person that is searching for a coffee shop or organic veggies nearby. 

They might check the first few results that appear on Google but that’s it. No one has time to go through dozens of websites and compare prices and offers. That’s why even the most beautiful website won’t do much for you if it doesn’t rank well. What is the point of having a great website if no one gets to see it? 

The good news is that you can improve your Google ranking with search engine optimization. It doesn’t matter whether your business is completely new on Google or you already have an online presence. There is always something that can be improved. 

This will boost your brand awareness and it will bring you more customers. As a result, your profit will increase. Another good news is that your competition is probably lower than it seems – unfortunately, many local business owners still don’t understand the importance of Google and they rely on old-fashioned methods. 

This is your opportunity to thrive and rank as one of the top results on Google in your area!

Start Ranking on Google's Local search Today!

The truth is that small business owners have many expenses. But among all expenses, boosting your online presence on Google will get you the highest return of investment. There are many kinds of research that confirm this, especially when it comes to local businesses. 

Today is a perfect time to start working on your online presence if you want to attract more customers in the near future. There are probably many people searching for your service or product right now, so you don’t have a lot of time to waste if you want to gain new clients!

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Now that you have learned that 76% of people who conduct local searches on a mobile device visit a physical place within 24 hours

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