Importance of SEO: How SEO can Help GROW Your Business

How SEO can grow your business

One way in how SEO can help grow your business is by boosting your initial startup phase in acquiring new customers, because let’s be honest here, setting up a business is not easy. 

Making it grow is even harder. Aside from monitoring your business to ensure it operates properly from the organizational and financial points of view, you have to promote it so that more people know about your product or service. 

A successful promotion campaign is an important step to setting your company on track of progress. There are many ways you can enhance the popularity of your business, but the most efficient one in this day and age is digital marketing. 

Digital marketing helps you increase the publicity of your product online through a variety of methods, such as email marketing, social media advertising and SEO. This article focuses on what is SEO and how can SEO help your business grow:

Importance of SEO: How SEO can Help GROW Your Business

What is SEO?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a part of digital marketing where it helps your business to get higher in the search engine results. It uses keywords from your niche, special phrases, and meta descriptions to bring your website closer to the eyes of internet users. 

While this strategy is a bit more difficult than email marketing, for example, it gives instead an increased value for your online promotion and eventually provides you with a higher chance of becoming visible in the vast internet environment. 

The great thing about SEO is that you can do a part of it yourself in case you have talent in writing engaging content and setting up a website. By doing some SEO tasks on your own, you save money that can be invested in more promotion for your business.

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How can SEO Help your Business Grow?

1. Great SEO Drives Traffic

With so much competition online, getting traffic to your website is difficult, especially if you have just started. No matter how wonderful your business page looks, driving traffic to it is a big challenge. 

A breathtaking website design with fancy pictures and eye-catching animations won’t help, as long as there is no SEO-based content put in place on the page. By adopting an SEO-oriented website development program with high quality content, you increase your chance of attracting more visitors. 

Relevant keywords, catchy phrases, motivating calls to action, richly informative texts, and a well-structured meta description will allow you to improve your search engine rankings and drive more traffic to your website.

2. High Rankings Mean More Trust

An important step to bringing your business closer to success is to build trust with customers. 

Let’s face it when you type a product name in the search engine, you always click on the websites that are on the first page of search results. 

A higher ranking on Google automatically instills more credibility. In this way, you will get more people visiting your site which will eventually help you expand your customer pool. 

Of course, not all your page visitors end up buying, but a certain percentage of them will do. So, the higher the number of visitors, the more new clients you get. But, you also have to provide the visitors with quality content to ensure they stay longer on your site.

3. SEO Can Lead You to Improve Your Website

An SEO program involves many improvements to your website. To make your page SEO-friendly, you have to make it user-friendly. The search engine algorithms promote to higher positions only those websites that provide positive user experiences. 

It includes adding informative and captivating content, a healthy meta description, an eye-catching presentation of the company, as well as and easy navigation on the site. It means creating individual pages for each service you provide, breaking down products into categories, adding a search bar to help the users find the item or topic they need fast. 

However, even if you manage to create a high-quality website that totally satisfies the search engine’s requirements, the effect will not be immediate. There are tens and hundreds of SEO-friendly websites like yours that are also fighting their way to the leading positions in the search results. 

So, you should expect the success to come gradually. Day by day, by adding new interesting and useful content, you will turn your website into the favorite of search engine algorithms and therefore rank higher.

4. SEO can Grow Your Revenue

Once a large flow of visitors starts to land on your page, given the SEO, it’s time to take measures to boost your conversion rate. The conversion rate is the percentage of people visiting your website who end up buying. With no tools on your site to increase engagement, your conversion rate isn’t likely to go up dramatically. 

However, if the product is high-quality and it’s promoted in a unique way, the sales may be high regardless of the engagement tools. Still, you shouldn’t miss the chance to build a warm relationship with your potential and existing customers. 

So, how to engage more visitors with your business? For that, you will need to improve the communication with the potential clients, which means offering them the chance to ask questions and get counseling through a chat box that pops up on the screen as soon as the visitor lands on your page. 

Also, you can leave a link to your social media, where the potential customers can engage in a conversation with you as well as follow your daily activities which helps increase familiarity and build trust.

5. SEO Adds Value to Your Brand

What can add value to a brand? Besides the high quality of the product the brand provides, the number of active customers is also a correct answer to the question. By helping you to enlarge your pool of permanent clients, SEO allows you to add value to your brand. 

Let’s be honest, the more popular a brand is and the more recommended it is among your friends, the more reputed and trusted it seems to you and the higher chance you will buy from it.

6. Stimulates Word-of-Mouth Marketing

SEO marketing gives birth to word-of-mouth marketing which is a form of advertisement that costs nothing. How? Very simple. Once you get a thousand or so customers by means of SEO, word-of-mouth marketing automatically starts. 

Those thousand buyers will recommend your brand to friends, relatives, workmates and even praise it on social media. This can motivate other people to go and buy your product. So, even if you stop using SEO tools, the customers will keep flowing to your website.

7. SEO Has Great Long Lasting Effects

SEO can help your business grow, but not immediately. Before you start to optimize your website, make sure you understand that SEO is not about fast results. Don’t expect an instant traffic surge and skyrocketed sales. 

If you do so, you will soon get disappointed. SEO is about a long-lasting effect that comes slowly and gradually. It requires a lot of effort and dedication to turn your website into a powerful SEO tool that pushes your business to the top spots in the search engine. 

But even when you create a captivating and well-structured page, there is still a long way to go to the high rankings given the fierce competition. You will have to constantly improve your site and fill it with user-friendly content. 

But when the SEO effect finally comes, it comes to stay. Among digital marketing strategies, SEO provides the longest-lasting result. The keyword-stuffed (that is strategically placed) and richly informative content will keep bringing traffic to your website even if you stop posting there, although it may decrease a bit your presence. 

The content has nowhere to go from the site, right? It will stay there forever and be enjoyed by readers who can create backlinks to it and buy your products.

8. SEO is Cost-Effective

If you either do it yourself for hire a Houston SEO Company, SEO seems expensive at first sight. But, taking into consideration its long-lasting effect, the investment turns to be worthwhile. Let’s take a look at other marketing methods. 

A billboard or a social media post will be popular a few weeks or months, then you will need to invest in other ads. Spending money on an ad per month will have you pay a lot during a 1-year or 2- year promotion program. With SEO it is much simpler. 

You pay a marketing agency once, then the effect of their optimization efforts will be felt for years, with no additional costs included. Of course, if you are not the one that creates the content for the site, you will have to pay a writer to do that. 

However, the money you pay to the writer can’t be compared to how much you have to spend on a billboard or a TV advertisement.

Final Thoughts

There are many ways SEO can help your business grow. But you have to be aware that the optimization process may take quite long. Some business owners are hesitant and choose the shortcut, using marketing tools that give fast results. 

However, this can be very ineffective and costly in the long run. You are better off to make patience your best friend and invest in a comprehensive SEO program that will slowly bring your website to the first page in the search engine, where it will stay long enough to drive a lot of traffic to your site and stimulate sales.

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