How to Rank Your Houston Business at the Top of Google with SEO

When it comes to increasing your rankings on Google, one thing never fails local SEO. In today’s market, most advertisers’ approach is to rank as high as possible on a national level.

However, this may be doing more damage than good as users begin to rely on Google Maps and what is available on the local level (Houston) for their information instead of going directly to a website. If you want your Houston business ranking higher on Google Maps, here are some tips and tricks you should employ:

How to Rank Your Houston Business at the Top of Google with SEO

1) Make Sure Your Business Information is Correct

The first step in ranking higher on Google Maps in the Houston area is making sure all of the information about your business is correct and how Google wants it. The easiest place to do this is through the how-to guides on the Google My Business page. From there, you can update how your business is categorized, how users are allowed to interact with your company on social media, how many times user reviews are shown, and how often your business shows up in local searches.

Make sure all of this information is completed to ensure that Google knows how to rank you properly. This will help you later when it comes time for optimization.

2) Include "Houston" in Your Website Content

A great way to optimize for Google Maps is using some location specific keywords within the content of your website. For example, if your an Orthodontist in Houston and you want to rank for “Invisalign treatment Houston tx”, use those keywords in the homepage of your website and as much as possible (without being spammy) throughout new pages so that they show up when users search in the Houston area for “Invisalign treatment”.

3) Always Include your Business Name and Address

Ensure that the company’s name and the physical address is in any place that content can be added on and off a page. For example, if you have a blog post about how Invisalign treatment works, make sure you mention both the business name and location within the bottom of the page or preferably on the footer of your website.

4) Optimize your Website for Mobile

Having a mobile-friendly website is THE MOST important local Houston SEO factor. There are still some things that might slow down how quickly your website loads when accessed through a mobile device. For example, images set as background images for headers and footers will show how quickly a page loads down. Use CSS background images so that how the website is displayed on mobile and desktop devices doesn’t vary wildly.

Make sure to spend your time creating high-quality, engaging material for how you rank higher on Google Maps! Those efforts should pay off if done precisely as you increase how many users find your business through local search results on Google Maps.

Houston SEO Tactics to Help You Rank Higher on Google

Knowing how to rank higher on Google maps in the Houston area is beneficial because not only will it help you become more competitive within your specific industry, but it will also give you direct access to your customers when they need to find directions or hours of operation.

Google Maps has an up-to-date algorithm that helps rank a business’ page with various key factors, including how long the company has been in business and how many incoming links there are from other websites.

However, even though Google Maps may consider these factors, there are tips and tricks that you can use to ensure that you have a leg up over the competition.

Here are some tactics to help you rank your Houston business higher on Google Maps:

1. Focus on Getting More Reviews

One of the most important aspects that Google uses to rank a local business’s page is how many reviews they have received from their previous customers and the level of detail in each specific review. Companies with a high review count and in-depth reviews show how well they are doing in the eyes of past customers, which could increase how high they come up in map searches.

Therefore, your Houston business needs get more reviews through your Google My Business listing so that you can get more traffic and customers in the Houston area. 

2. Get More and Better Quality Inbound Links to Your Website

In addition to how many reviews a business can get, how authoritative other websites find that company is also Google’s ranking pages. By having more sites linking back to you, there is a higher probability that your company will come up higher on the search engine results page (SERP). 

The only way to do this effectively is by creating high-quality content and distributing it around the web. This can be done by blogging or writing articles about various topics related to your industry and sharing them across different platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. 

While getting your name out there and making yourself an authority figure in your industry, you will also be able to attract incoming links from other users who find your content interesting and informative.

3. Improve How Many Times Google Crawls your Website

While how long a company has been in operation or how many reviews they have received play into how high they come up on Google Maps, how often and how deeply the search engine crawls your website is also considered when ranking higher. 

The more times a site is crawled by Google’s bots, the better chance it will be indexed and ranked for different keywords and phrases. This can be done my submitting your website and any new blog posts or pages that are made to Google Search Console. 

time clock for page speed

4. Ensure your website loads quickly

In addition to how often the Google crawls your Houston website, how long it takes for their pages to load is also something that Google analyzes when ranking local businesses. If a website takes too long to load or not at all, then the search engine may push that company’s page further down in the SERP because users will not stick around on a slow-loading site. 

This means that companies need to make sure their websites run efficiently and are optimized to load quickly for companies to rank higher on Google Maps.

Local SEO services in Houston

Rank Your Houston Biz on Google Maps:

Make sure your Houston business appears on different social media sites. It helps to have listings on sites that are most relevant for your business, like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Social signals also play an important role in search engine ranking because they show web pages of a site deemed relevant by other users.

1. How it works

One of the factors that help influence where you appear in Google’s Map results in the Houston area is how popular you are on social media. Another factor that helps influence how high you appear for Google Maps is how often you post recent content on your blog. 

The strength of how well the keywords are ranked in the text and how closely it matches up with what Google believes to be relevant will help determine how high up you’ll show up when someone searches for the keyword tags associated with whatever business/area they’re looking for. 

Not only does showing up higher help from a brand reputation standpoint, but it also gives visitors a greater likelihood to engage with whatever business they’re interested in since they see it much sooner in the search results.

2. What to Include

When deciding whether or not to post your blog, consider how much content/posts you have already posted that has been popular/relevant.

If you don’t have a strong presence on social media and your blog is new, now would be a great time to begin working on them. This how-to guide can help you decide how and when to schedule any postings to generate traffic and increase your ranking in Google Maps.

3. What Not to Include

Certain types of content probably wouldn’t do well in getting you higher rankings on Google Maps. For example, if you were to post weekly how-to posts about making a paper airplane or how baking soda can help kill ants outside your house, it probably wouldn’t bring in much traffic. One has to have the rightful content containing keywords that will generate a lot of traffic on the internet.

4. What does appearing on google maps bring:

As mentioned in the previous section, showing up higher in Houston on the Google Map results could lead visitors to be more willing to visit your website/business because they see it sooner. However, there are other benefits to having higher rankings on Google Maps. 

For example, local businesses which appear at the top of Google Maps results gain 54% more clicks than those that don’t. This how-to guide will help you decide how to strategically position your company so that you can see your business benefit from appearing on Google Maps.

5. How to add additional information about my company:

Adding additional information about your company helps give visitors a little bit more insight into what makes your particular business unique. Having this extra information may also help increase how high you show up in Map results since it allows for more content related to your area/industry. If done correctly, adding this information can also help raise your brand’s authority on the internet.

Hire a Professional Houston SEO Company

Travel websites such as TripAdvisor, Yelp, and even Google Maps show ratings from previous customers on search results pages. Make sure you encourage your customers to leave feedback by using testimonials or a survey link on your website. 

You should also respond to every review that comes in because it is a great opportunity for potential customers to learn more about your Houston business. Responding to reviews also tells Google that you’re a reputable business in the Houston area.

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