BEST Ways to Get More Roofing & Siding Leads Online

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Are you finding it difficult to get more roofing and siding leads? There may be a ton of different tactics on how to generate more roofing and siding leads, but a lot of times, these tactics can be extremely time consuming or absolute money pits.

Are you just tired of chasing down leads and never getting anywhere with those leads that are being handed out to 5 other contractors? One thing is for-sure and that is everybody is going to Google for just about everything, especially for roofing and siding services. 

When done correctly, putting your roofing and siding company on Google is going to get you more roofing and siding leads than you can handle, it is predictable and sustainable, and that is what we’re going to show you in this article:

BEST Ways to Get More Roofing & Siding Leads Online

Traditional Outbound Methods to Generate Roofing Leads

If you want to scale your roofing and siding business, you need to rethink your strategy and lookout for a PROVEN and predictable way of getting more roofing and siding leads without having to chase down leads that never get anywhere. 

Some of the common traditional methods of getting roofing and siding leads are:

  • Word of mouth – Customers who are satisfied with your services are recommending your roofing and siding service to their relatives, friends, or acquaintances. While this approach may be great, Word-of-Mouth alone is not going to pay the bills and make your roofing and siding business real money.
  • Canvassing – Cold calling and door knocking can work if you’re doing a roofing or siding job in the same area, however, it can be very tedious and time consuming, especially after the COVID-19 era, most people nowadays are weary about door-to-door salesman or sales calls.
  • Mail advertising – It is another popular method of collecting potential leads by using print ads or flyers in local newspapers or magazines.
Now, don’t get me wrong, having yard signs, wraps around your company vehicles, etc. are necessary, however the most common ways listed above to get more roofing and siding leads is not going to get your business to the next level, because YOU need to be working ON your business, not in it, and one of the best ways to do so is by having a predictable and sustainable way of getting leads into your roofing and siding business with this guide:

Get a Functional Roofing Website to Generate QUALITY Leads

Having a website is a necessity if you want to generate quality roofing and siding leads. Unlike other listing sites where you have to pay to be on there or social media platforms, a functional roofing website can help your prospects educate them on different aspects of the roofing system, which will make them want to call your roofing and siding company for service. 

When building a roofing and siding website for your business, see things from the prospect’s perspective. It is important to understand that every user that visits your website may have separate requirements. 

There may be people who are looking for information. Whereas, there might be users who were referred to you and they are checking things out. And, a few of them might have done their research and are on the verge of making an appointment.

redesigning a website

When you know the importance of having a functional roofing website, you can offer each prospect things they are looking for regardless of whatever stage they are in. Moreover, when a prospect sees that they are on your company’s website and not just some listing, they’re going to view your roofing business in a much better perspective.

So, it is very important to have a responsive website for your roofing business. By having a functional and customer driven website for your roofing company, you can give prospects a memorable experience that will result in them wanting you to work on their home or business. 

1) Rank Your Roofing Business on Google Maps

One of the BEST ways (or THE best way) to get more roofing and siding leads that are of quality is to rank on Google Maps (with local roofing and siding SEO), because your prospects are going to Google (at least 90% of them) to search roofers in their area.

Here are the steps through which you can rank your roofing business on Google Maps.

  • Add your roofing business to Google Maps – This is the first step you have to do because without adding your business to Google Maps, there is no way you can rank.
denver roofing businesses ranking on Google for roof repair
  • Claim and optimize your Google My Business page – This is the second most important thing to do. You need to claim your profile or your Google My Business listing if you haven’t already done so. 

Add relevant information and photos to your profile. Include information such as service hours, physical address, business name, operating hours, phone numbers, website, and so on. Moreover, uploading compelling and high-quality photos that involve roof repair, replacements, installing siding, etc., so that Google will know to rank you for any roofing search terms. 

  • Having a responsive website is KEY for getting more roofing and siding leads – Because most of the searches happen on smartphones these days, and Google is prioritizing mobile friendly websites. Your rankings on Google Maps are heavily influenced by how good of an experience does your website provide. 
  • Adding local keywords can boost your rankings – Focus in on putting location based roofing and siding keywords into your website, more importantly, your homepage and service pages. You should add keywords such as:
    • “roof repair [your city]”
    • “roofing company in [your city]”
    • “roofing contractors in [your city]”
    • “roof installation [your city]”
    • “leaking roof repair [your city]”
    • “siding repair [your city]”
    • “siding contractors [your city]”
    • “siding installation [your city]”

Optimize the Content on your Website

Having a responsive website is not enough. Optimizing its content is far more important for your online business to even become visible. This is where SEO or Search Engine Optimization comes to play. The most important thing that you have to do to get more roofing and siding leads is to ensure your website follows the best SEO practices.

In order to rank higher on Google for any roofing and siding keywords, your website’s content has to have the right keywords that include:

  • “roof repair [your city]”
  • “roofing company in [your city]”
  • “roofing contractors in [your city]”
  • “roof installation [your city]”
  • “leaking roof repair [your city]”
  • “siding repair [your city]”
  • “siding contractors [your city]”
  • “siding installation [your city]”

When you have the right keywords within your articles and service pages, Google is going to really pick up what your website is about and show users that are looking for roofing and siding services your website.

If your web pages aren’t optimized in the right way, people won’t find you even if you have a good reputation and provide excellent service. In this digital era, SEO can be the deciding factor when it comes to improving your brand visibility.

2) Rank your Roofing Website on Google Search

roofing companies on Google Search getting roofing leads

While ranking on Google Maps is important for gaining more roofing and siding leads, ranking your website on Google’s First Page Search Results is also very important as well.

  • On-Page SEO Making improvements in the structure, content, meta descriptions, webpage inter-linking, and quality of content are all part of on-page SEO. The title should be about 60 characters long alongside the focus keyword.

And, the meta description should have 155 to 160 characters. More emphasis should be on the focused keyword and the content should trigger customers’ interest.

  • Technical SEO – This portion deals with the non-content part of your website. This includes indexing, speed, security of the website, mobile-friendly, and many more. SSL and HTTPS are important parameters and are key factors to rank high in Google search results.

Page speed is another aspect that determines whether a website should rank higher or not. Portability and end-user experience say a lot about the mobile-friendliness of a website.

  • Off-Page SEO When it comes to the reliability and reputation of your roofing website, off-page SEO is important. This involves domain authority, social media presence, and backlinks. Having backlinks from high-authority and relevant websites is what can really boost your rankings on the Google search results.

Final Thoughts

No matter which strategy you choose, your aim should be to employ a mixture of these methods so that your roofing business can generate leads consistently. Ideally, word-of-mouth should be an add on when you have a consistent amount of quality roofing and siding leads coming in with SEO.

You can’t rely on just door knocking or print advertising if you want roofing and siding leads chasing you. Local SEO is one of the BEST ways to generate more roofing and siding leads. 

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