What Does an SEO Company Do? What Do SEO Services Include?

What does an SEO Company Do

A professional SEO company does search engine optimization services to help a website rank higher on the search engines for targeted keywords. Professional SEO companies help you to rank higher in the search engines by improving your website. 

Now what exactly does an SEO company do? Well in this article we have a list of what an SEO company should do to rank you higher in the search engines so that you can get more leads, calls, traffic, and online exposure:

What Does an SEO Company Do? What Do SEO Services Include?

SEO Companies Help to Improve Your Search Engine Rankings

An SEO company can help your business rank high on the SERPs. These professionals will help you find the right keywords to use.

Content Analysis

Let’s face it: the content on your website can attract visitors or send them away. 

At the end of the day, exceptional content will attract customers. An SEO company will check the content you have on the site and diagnose a few things. 

The team will pay attention to poor ranking content, missing pages, duplicate content, address inconsistencies, and more. 

When an SEO company analyzes your website, the team will analyze the existing assets and bring new ideas to the table. 

With time, you’ll realize that not all crawled pages will end up in the search engine index. This can happen for several reasons – content analysis is a way to eliminate them. One problem that can hinder your SEO effort is having duplicate content. 

An increase in the number of pages means a high likelihood of duplicate content. Some may feature content from other assets, and you may be forced to reuse existing templates. Another reason why you could be losing traffic is decayed content. 

If your content is out of date, you could lose rankings over many months. As part of the analysis, the team will decide the content to remove or update to boost your performance on the SERPs.

ON-PAGE SEO factors for ranking on Google

On-Page SEO

One major task that SEO companies do is On-Page SEO and it involves optimizing a your web pages using specific keywords to improve visibility. This practice makes changes to elements like headings, title tags, and more. 

Why is this important? 

Apart from keywords, the Google search algorithm focuses on on-page factors. When done properly, the users will appreciate the results. The most important thing to remember is that you can change all things that influence On-Page SEO

For instance, the meta-tags and meta descriptions will help you rank for the right keywords. And you can attract more people than those in your business by optimizing the tags. Another thing that influences your on-page SEO is the title tags. 

And because it’s the first thing your audience sees, they can decide whether to click or skip. Google also favors shorter URLs. If you’re trying to rank for a specific keyword, the search engines will look for it via URL. 

If your website has a long URL, Google will understand your content better. An SEO company will help you optimize your website’s Meta description, header tags, and coding. The team will audit the current website structure and identify the areas that need improvement.

Off Page SEO Google rankings factors

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO is another task that SEO companies do which involves those things that are not within the website itself – building links, social media shares, etc. If you’re not careful, you may leave lots of opportunities on the table, and your rankings may not reach their full potential. 

An SEO company will help you bring in more traffic to increase website rankings. Google uses backlinks to verify the trustworthiness of your website. They do this by looking at sites and the quality of those links. 

To ensure your backlink pages meet the required criteria, they must be of high quality. Besides that, the links should be relevant, trusted, and reliable. The other strategy for Off-Page SEO is adding fresh content to your sites. 

You need a blog that you can update regularly and make improvements to your site. With the right SEO team, you can set up a blog with new content. The other sure shot is guest blogging. 

Generally, blogs should bring high-quality links. Social media should also not be left behind. It’s a great marketing vehicle that ensures your site is seen on all social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, etc.

keeping a short meta description

Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis is a strategy to help you get more traffic, rank higher, and earn conversions. With the right SEO company, you can discover online and offline competitors. 

This information will help you take advantage of any weaknesses you may find. Furthermore, you’ll know the keywords to target, topics to cover, and links to use to beat the competition. 

The basic principle is analyzing what is working for you like keywords, links, and content. You can use this information to improve your SEO efforts. How an SEO Company can conduct competitor analysis:

The first step is to identify your competitors – no matter your niche, there’re dozens of them. 

The next step is selecting pages for comparison. Some of the few suggestions include a home page, equivalent product pages, browse pages, and pages with informative content. 

What keywords are available for your business? 

Don’t be surprised to realize your competitors are using the same keywords as you. 

An SEO company will help you identify those keywords you haven’t used yet. This creates an opportunity to outrank the competitors or create custom content. Finally, the right team will help to analyze user experience (UX). 

It compromises factors such as visual attractiveness, CTA, and ease of use. A professional company will help you conduct SEO competitive analysis and improve your campaign for better results. It’s the best strategy to get valuable insights and drive more conversions for your business.

time clock for page speed

Improve Website Speed

While site speed is a strategy that is always overlooked, it is crucial for great SEO. If your site loads slowly, you’re likely to lose conversions. Some of the benefits of working with an SEO company are extended time on-page and decreased bounce rate. 

You’ll also see an increase in conversions every year. An SEO company will ensure your site speed matches the competition. One of the strategies used by professionals is reducing server response time. 

Things like low routing, slow application logic, and slow database queries can slow down the response time of the server. The competent team will also leverage browser caching. 

A web browser cache contains information like style sheets, images, and JavaScript files. If the server doesn’t include caching headers, then the pages on the site will load slowly. 

A great place to start is reducing server response time, utilizing caching, removing multiple redirects, and enabling file compression. Why is site speed optimization crucial for your business success? 

Simple – there’s a connection between SEO and page speed. The pages that load quickly appeal to visitors and lower the bounce rate. If Google realizes that visitors bounce from your site, they will drop you in the rankings. 

Again, if visitors don’t stay on the site for long, Google concludes your site is not very good.

Website Structure Analysis

Your website should be structured properly for Google to read it. 

The key things an SEO company will look into are Analytics setup It shows where your leads are coming from and ensures you get the most meaningful results. 

Indexed status Indexed pages are deemed to have quality search phrases. Once they show up on the search results, it means you can drive organic traffic to your website. 

Meta elements such as the Meta description, site content, and duplicate title tags can negatively affect the site rankings on the SERPs. 

An SEO company will ensure all the Meta elements are optimized to increase your chances that your website will be found on the search results pages.

Google Maps listing and local SEO icon

Local SEO

Local SEO ensures your business is available within a specific geographical area. An SEO company can boost your business beyond the storefront. 

They can make your business accessible to the local online community. It’s a strategy to acquire qualified leads and convert them into repeat customers. If you don’t have an SEO in place, you could be harming your business. 

Google looks at things like the domain authority, click-through rate, NAP, user experience, and Google My Business Listing. A dedicated SEO expert will show you how to do local SEO effectively.

SEO Companies Improve the User Experience of Your Website

It’s estimated that more than 40% of online transactions happen on mobile devices. If you want your website to appear on the top of search results pages, the web pages must be mobile-friendly. 

Google offers online tools and provides tips to help you optimize this. But having a well-optimized desktop site is not enough. If the website is unresponsive, there’s a heavy penalty. 

An SEO company will help you focus on user experience. It’s an excellent stepping stone if you want your business to appear on SERPS. The team will ensure the font is legible on smaller devices and optimized for local SEO. 

Since navigation helps users find information, this is an area that cannot be overlooked. A professional SEO company will ensure it’s seamless. The other essential part of a mobile-friendly site is the use of Meta tags and descriptions. 

If you’re not sure where to get started, a competent team can help you drive more users to the business.

Final Thoughts

Now that you are a little bit more educated on the specific things that SEO companies do to rank your website higher in the search engines, you can now make an informed decision on whether if you should do the SEO work yourself for just hire an SEO company that has the proper knowledge and expertise to give you the results that you want.

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