Over 500% Increase in "Near Me" Searches in the Last 2 Years

Over 500% Increase in Near Me Searches in the Last 2 Years

Google is an ever-growing company, in the last 2 years alone, there has been an over 500% increase in “Near Me” searches that contain the words “to buy” and “can I buy”.

Google is the most popular search engine on the planet, and people use Chrome more than any other available browser. Since opening your browser means automatically going on Google’s homepage, your search data gets stored in Google’s cache.

Businesses have since then capitalized on Google’s global reach by listing their service or produce. Google provides these businesses consumer data, which means website clicks, listing views, and more.

The "Near Me" BOOM

So, what does a 500% increase on “Near Me” searches mean? Since “Near Me” searches aren’t just about places anymore, but also about things and services too, this massive increase in searches in the last two years means that more people are relying on the internet to get them where they need and what they need when they need it.

People want immediate results, and having a selection of places offering the same product gives them options for which businesses are most conducive to serving their needs. Having a listing that ranks in Google’s top ten makes your business one of the choicest options, and people are more likely to buy from a business that Google approves of.

The last two years included a year of the pandemic when everyone stayed at home and had their needs delivered to them, contributing to the 500% increase in “Near Me” searches. As a result, supermarkets, salons, pharmacies, and restaurants with Google listings were extremely busy, especially when they appeared on the search results’ first page.

Take Advantage of This Opportunity with Local SEO

Local SEO helps your business get discovered by customers. When they enter keywords into the Google search bar, and your business is one of the selections on the first page of the search results, clicks are guaranteed for you. In addition, having a Google My Business listing allows you to tell your potential customers what you do and how you can help them. Aside from that, they can also see where your business is located since you will be visible on Google Maps too.

Since having a Google listing is free, it’s one of the best ways of marketing your business online. It’s economical and cost-effective, and you only have to sit back and wait for consumers to roll in. You can even interact with previous customers online.

These consumers are what makes the bulk of the 500% increase in “Near Me” searches. They need products and services immediately, and the nearest options are the best ones since everyone avoids going too far from their homes for fear of contracting the virus. 

A quick in-and-out is what they need, hence spending more time on Google looking up businesses than staying outside and searching for a store that best suits their needs.

Statistics You Need to Know

Imagine this: A person is sitting on their couch while surfing the internet. They’re most likely bored and looking for something to do when they see something on TV that catches their interest, like a vacuum cleaner. They Google for “vacuum cleaner for sale near me,” which yields several results. Imagine if your business sold vacuum cleaners and the business pops up on the results, this because you have a Google listing. 

This is because having local SEO puts your business right in front of the customer, making you an easy pick. In addition, 28% of local searches for products and services end with a purchase or several, which means that consumers have money and are ready to avail of products and services.

Another statistic is that 76% of people who do local searches on their mobile device venture outside to visit a business’ physical store within 24 hours, which means that online marketing via Google is as effective as it was predicted to be, even more so in the last two years. It also means that having a comprehensive listing means better business for your business since consumers are willing to go outside and purchase something from your store, even if the odds are risky.

Start Ranking on Google's Local search Today!

Having your small business pop up on Google search results more than once means you have captured the attention of more than your target demographic and geography, which means more leads for you. The 500% increase in “Near Me” searches is good news for those with Google listings. Consumers are ready to buy, and you’re open for business.

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